9 Types of People you will Meet at Football Viewing Centers ( Halls, Bars, Locals etc)

So the premier league is back again! Another time of the year when football fanatics get to watch their favorite teams do the best in the race to win the Trophy. However, have you ever noticed that we have very funny characters at our local halls where we watch these matches? Today we have listed 9 common people you will find at these football viewing centres.

1. The coaches

These ones will just be shouting ‘guy pass that ball to Martial, ‘Ooh boy shoot !’ ‘ref, are you not seeing that foul?’

2. The clappers

These ones will clap for everything the team they support does; passing, shooting, goal kick, foul…everything.

3.  The fun catchers

Their work is just  shouting ‘aaaa’,’aaaa’  ”gooooal”for every dribble or clever pass.

4. The Historians

Especially if their team is losing you’ll hear ‘ but we carried this cup back to back from 1995 to 2001’

5.  The questionnaires

These ones will just be asking stupid questions ‘What teams are playing’,’which one is Madrid?’,’what’s the score now’

6. The argument lords

These ones will argue from beginning of match till the end.

7. The shirtless squad

These ones will either come without a shirt or remove it in the middle of the game.


8. Too Silent Ones

These ones will come and be looking like they came there by mistake.

9. And finally, The ones that don’t want to pay

These ones will be trying to negotiate with the viewing centre owner so they won’t pay.

Victor Matara

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