A Football Match That Refused To End

Even people who don’t like football very much know that a match lasts 90 minutes, with 45 minutes per half. The great 1xBet betting company for everyone features wagers on the most entertaining football matches from across the world.

Sure, normally a few minutes are added to each half due to lost time. But what about adding 42 minutes to the second half of a match? That’s precisely what happened on the 16th of March 2023, in a match between Bolivian football teams Palmaflor and Blooming. Currently, 1xBet is a betting company for everyone, which also features football competitions from Bolivia.

An unlikely protagonist

When introduced, the VAR provided many advantages. However, one of the persisting complaints was that reviews of specific plays took too long. However, before explaining why VAR was the main protagonist of the match, let’s review its final result. It is now possible to visit http://so.1xbet.com/casino to try some great games while referees are checking the VAR.

Palmaflor won 3-2, and the goals were scored by:

  • Jonathan Cañete;
  • Gilbert Álvarez;
  • Gastón Rodríguez;
  • and José Luis Sinisterra.


The mess began at the 82nd minute. Gilbert Álvarez scored the second goal for Palmaflor, putting things 2-1 for the moment. At 1xBet you can also wager at any moment when a goal is likely to be scored.

All kinds of troubles

Blooming players began to protest after this goal. The referee decided to go to the VAR to check the goal. He took a staggering 13 minutes in this review. After all this mess, the referee decided to add 10 minutes of extra time. Feel free to watch 1xBet live matches whenever these chaotic football matches take place.

But things didn’t end there. Confrontations continued between players of both teams. So much so that at the 21st minute of added time, a red card was shown to a Blooming player. Yet, this squad, down to 10 men, managed to score the 2-2 three minutes later.

However, players still continued to confront each other. In the 28th minute of added time, another Blooming player got a red card. This team was unable to resist with only 9 players because in the 38th minute of added time, Palmaflor scored the 3-2, which was the final score of the match. In total, 42 minutes of added time were played.

But the consequences continued. Both teams complained about the refereeing once the match ended. In fact, the Bolivian football federation decided to suspend all officials who participated in the match because of the excessive added time. The live matches from 1xBet can be watched at any moment, where punters can also wager while all kinds of things happen on them.