A List Of The Sweetest Kenyan Love Songs To Use For Weddings

We all have dreams of marrying the love ofsongs our lives  someday, walking them down the aisle  and openly binding each other to a long-term relationship. As much as we want our weddings to be flashy, attended by family and friends and ending ceremoniously, love songs play a major part of the big day.

Soothing love songs as you take your vows, or as you majestically march into the wedding venue just sum almost everything.
Below are some of the best and sweetest Kenyan love songs you can use on your wedding day.

1.Aheri (Nina Ogot)
A Luo love song done by Nina Ogot, the song just breathes a romantic and lovely atmosphere whenever it’s played. It’s perfect for weddings while taking vows and even wedding processions that require a slow tempo lovely song.


2.I Do (Willy Paul x Alaine)
I Do left many tongues wagging and many questions pending but look, this is one song we love…deep down. You can listen to it repeatedly especially to Alaine’s lovely voice. It is a perfect wedding song.

3.Bebi Bebi (Atemi Oyungu)
Bebi has been used in many weddings for close to two years now. A masterpiece by Atemi Oyungu, the song expresses the feelings of a partner towards her other partner and a promise of more love.

4.Sura Yako (SautiSol)
We sang to this song always, played it on repeat and it became a favorite for many weddings. Sura yako is both lovely, modern and engaging. You can’t just keep calm with such song blasting out of the speakers on your wedding day.

5.Wedding Day (M.O.G)
If you want a more rigorous and engaging song to make a grand entrance with, then Wedding day is the choice to go for and you won’t regret it.

6.Milele (Elani)
Milele is one of the most beautiful heartfelt love song Elani ever gifted us with.It is a great choice for walking down the aisle with. Milele reminds us of how sweet love is and how far we can go for love and how love knows no boundaries.
Elani, in this song deploy their vibrant style of musical expression that breathes life into her amazing lyrical content.

7.Someday (Atemi Oyungu ft Chris Adwar)
This song by Atemi and Chris Adwar shows the heights love will take two lovebirds and a perfect song for  reception.

8.Kidededede (Malindi Choir)
If you are a Catholic, going according to the church procedure won’t hurt by  having a church choir and tuning in to amazing catholic wedding songs. Kidededede is one such amazing lovely wedding song, for both wedding procession and even the reception.


Other songs, though not love songs or love songs which don’t really have a wedding message highly qualify as love songs because we generally love them. Songs like

Mwema (Mercy Masika)
Tam Tam (Willy paul ft Size 8
Mwema (Mercy Masika)
Ameni (Eunice Njeri)

John Nyabuto

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