AAR Hospital Maternity Charges

This article provides an overview of AAR Hospital maternity charges. It is a level 5 hospital located along Kiambu Road in the Muthaiga area of Nairobi.

The 140-bed capacity ultra-modern health facility has been in operation since 2021. Some of the services offered at this multispecialty hospital include dialysis, urgent care, obstetrics, gynaecology, orthopaedic, critical care, surgery, diagnostics, endoscopy, pharmacy, paediatric, theatre, well-baby and travel vaccine services. On top of that, AAR Hospital operates specialist and executive check-up clinics.

AAR Hospital Maternity Package

AAR Hospital’s maternity package includes normal and caesarean section delivery.

1. Normal Delivery

Cost: Ksh 98,700

It entails:

• Obstetrician and Paediatrician fees
• Post-natal standard drugs
• Post-natal investigation
• Shared room for two nights
• 1st Vaccination before discharge

2. Caesarian Section Delivery (CS)

Cost: Ksh 210,000

It entails:

• All services in the normal delivery
• Anaesthetist fee
• Theatre fees
• Shared room for three nights

AAR Hospital Contacts

Phone: 0793 410 850, 0111 049 900, 0730605500

Email: info@aarhospital.com

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