Accredited L.P.G Cooking Gas Supplying Companies In Kenya

With the rising cost of electricity each and every day in Kenya, it is becoming  difficult for many urban homes in Kenya to use it for cooking.

Urban homes don’t usually have an option of using firewood because of it’s health problems due to excessive smoke or pollution to the environment. Kerosene is also not a good option due to its inefficiency and the mess it brings to the kitchen with all that strong kerosene smell. Putting all this factors together, it shows that the use of Gas (LPG) is the most reliable and cost effective means to prepare a meal in urban homes.

Below are some of the most  accredited L.P.G gas suppliers in Kenya where you should go either for a refill or a  to buy a new gas cylinder.

1. Tosha Gas

2. Total gaz

3. K- gas

4. Afrigas

5. Supagas

6. OilCom

7. Mpishi Gas

8. Gulf Petrochem

9. G- gas

10. Jamii Gas

11. Hashi Gas

12. Salama Gas

13. Seagas

John Nyabuto

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