Apart From Money, Here Are Other 5 Reasons Why Women Leave Broke Men

When a woman loves, she loves for real. Some men have been brainwashed to believe that women only date men when they are rich, but when they got nothing, they run away from them leaving them with high and dry. But that’s not always the case, depending on what that relationship is based on. Here are other factors.


Sincerely speaking, men hate it when they are trapped between debts and they have no cash to settle that. They become bitter and very angry with the belief that someone propelled such a predicament to befall them. When a man is all bitter and even blames you for his calamities, will you still smile at him?


They always pop up from nowhere. From nothing to something so big that even destroys the relationship. He does not want to listen to anything you tell him. There is conflict every now and then and any efforts to curb that are ever futile. What would you still be waiting for when a man yells at you over nothing? 


If you had left your hostel to come and live lavish with your bae, only for him to go for a money dry spell, you will definitely be forced to leave. Because you are not in a position to support him that’s the best option, cause your stay is literally adding to his accrued expenses.

4.Time to recover.

A woman will read between the lines and give his man a break to get back to his senses and figure out the way forward with hope that all will fall back to normal. However men tend to interpret such a move wrongly, they will go gaga and go cheating on their spouses in the name of she walked out on him when he was broke.


Broke men feel very insecure. When you hustle your way up to support him, he will always question you about where you got that cash from, who are you seeing of late among other disturbing issues. Of course, the woman will get sick of being accused falsely and then walk out.

Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.