Top 5 Areas To Invest In Detached Units In Kenya

Lately, I must confess that I have gained so much interest in matters Real estate due to many reasons. Real estate and technology absolutely fascinate me. That aside, in an earlier related article, we wrote, or rather I wrote about the top areas to invest in apartments within Nairobi.

Unlike apartments, detached units share no common walls with another house or dwelling, they are on their own and even have their own gate and fence. Some of the best areas to invest in detached units mainly attract investors mainly due to high uptake, return, infrastructure and the availability of development land. One of the major setbacks however in some areas is poor infrastructure which may result in high costs for the investor.

Have a look at some of the top areas to invest in detached units in Kenya.


1.Juja                                              3.0                                                        3.0                                                        1.0

2.Runda Mumwe                         3.0                                                         2.5                                                         1.5

3.AthiRiver                                   3.0                                                         3.0                                                         1.0

4.Kitengela                                   2.0                                                        3.0                                                          1.0

5.Langata                                     2.5                                                         1.0                                                          2.0

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