Aromatherapy To Reduce Exam Stress

Scientific evidence

There is very little research made on the stress-relieving benefits of aromatherapy. But even though more studies are needed, there are a few already existing studies that show the benefits of aromatherapy. Here are some of the facts that are stated by researchers or even scientifically proven:
• Aromatherapy can alter our behavior and brain waves;
• Aromatherapy can reduce stress by lowering the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in our body;
• Different scents bring different effects on people;
• Massages with essential oils can affect our organism better and for a longer time.

We can’t say that aromatherapy is a magic tool that can cure anything. But it can help you to relieve stress and calm down. Also, take a look at these benefits of aromatherapy for stress relief.
1. You can use it passively. Just fill the room or your car with a needed scent, and go on with your daily tasks and things to do.
2. It is easy to combine with other stress managing tools. You can meditate or have a massage at the same time with it.
3. Aromatherapy products are widely available. There are many essential oils, candles, and so on.
Needless to say that aromatherapy has few (if any) side effects. Let’s look at different aromatherapy methods one at a time.


Candles are one of the most accessible and easy-to-use tools for aromatherapy. All you have to do is just light a candle in your room. Note: while buying a candle for aromatherapy make sure to choose a high-quality one. The smell needs to be potent enough to fill up the room. Candles not only fill the room with a nice smell but also give it a cozy vibe and warm up the atmosphere. You can use the candle as a focal point for meditating as well.

The candles used for aromatherapy contain essential oils which later evaporate while burning and fill the room with a nice smell. Our top scent for stress relief is lavender and chamomile. It is truly defined as the most calming scent, so it will help you a lot if you stress out about the upcoming exams too much.

How to make your experience with candles better

If you feel stressed or tense, the first and most important is to stop. Light up the candle on purpose to relax. Watch your candle burn, deeply inhale, and focus on your mind. Visualize whatever you want to get. Reset and continue breathing deeply until you achieve the wanted state of mind and calm down to the point where you can continue doing your tasks.

Essential oils

There are hundreds of different essential oils. They are easy to use as well – you just need to put them into the diffuser and let it evaporate to fill the room up with the chosen smell. Pay attention to the essential oils you choose because some of them can be toxic or just have a different effect. Oils can help when you need to buy essay online safe as some of them boost concentration and keep you sharp. Here are some of the most popular essential oils for stress-relief:
• Lavender. It is also good if you have migraines, headaches, or poor sleep.
• Eucalyptus. It is usually combined with peppermint to relieve flu symptoms. Please consult your healthcare provider before going for it since many people are allergic to eucalyptus.
• Lemon. It is best to use when you feel depressed.
• Rosemary. It is especially good during exam times since it boosts your memory as well.
• Thyme. It helps to reduce stress-related symptoms as well.

Tips for choosing essential oils

Now that you know what scents are the best for stress relief, here are a few tips to make your experience with them better.
• Always choose certified oils.
• Avoid synthetics.
• Dilute the oil or use a carrier, e.g. lotion, before applying essential oils to your skin.
• Test the oil on a small patch of skin to test for sensitivity and allergies before the first use.

Body products

There are tons of body products that are good for aromatherapy too. They usually come in the form of scented cosmetics products. Some of the examples are:
• Bath bombs.
• Body lotions.
• Skin-safe essential oils.
These products are some of the best because people around you won’t smell them unless they are too close.


Massages are great on their own, but they are even better if combined with aromatherapy. You can put scented candles around you or use essential oils for the massage itself. These stress-relieving tools work great when combined.


Meditation is another process that works well with aromatherapy together. You can use scented candles for a better experience while meditating. You will be able to not only smell it but also use it as a focal point.

When to use aromatherapy

If you are going through exam times, aromatherapy is great to use for stress relief. Remember that long-term stress can cause various health problems. Several studies have proved that aromatherapy can actually reduce stress by decreasing levels of cortisol. The studies also have shown that aromatherapy has few side effects (if any) but has many benefits for your body and mental health.

Bonus: top five extra tips for stress relief during exams

We explained to you all the benefits of aromatherapy for stress relief, but sometimes it is not enough. To save your nerves when you need to write a response paper assignment contact some writing service and be in peace So here are extra five ways to relieve stress and calm down:
1. Stress relief teas. They often come with scented oils, and focusing on the process will help you to calm down.
2. Deep breathing exercises.
3. Meditation.
4. Listening to calming sounds and music – for example, rain sounds.
5. Sport exercises like yoga.