Baringo Technical College Courses and Fee Structure

This article lists all courses offered at Baringo Technical College and their fee structure. Baringo Technical College is a public TVET  institution located in Kapsoo along Kabarnet-Tenges Road, 6km from Kabarnet Town.

Baringo Technical College provides artisan, craft, diploma, and CBET courses, aiming to equip students with practical skills and knowledge essential for success in their chosen industries. The examinations at Baringo Technical College are primarily conducted by the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), while the CBET courses are accredited by the CDACC.

Courses Offered at Baringo Technical College

Baringo Technical College artisan courses

  1. Artisan in Electrical Engineering
  2. Artisan in Food and Beverage
  3. Artisan in Garment Making
  4. Artisan in Masonry
  5. Artisan in Plumbing
  6. Artisan in Store Keeping
  7. Artisan in Welding and Fabricating

Baringo Technical College craft courses

  1. Craft in Automatic Engineering
  2. Craft in Building Technology
  3. Craft in Business Management
  4. Craft in Computerized Secretarial
  5. Craft in Co-operative Management (TEP)
  6. Craft in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  7. Craft in Fashion Design & Garment Making
  8. Craft in Food and Beverage
  9. Craft in General Agriculture (TEP)
  10. Craft in Human Resource Management
  11. Craft in Information Communication Technology
  12. Craft in Information Science
  13. Craft in Land Survey
  14. Craft in Mechanical Engineering (Production Option)
  15. Craft in Nutrition & Dietetics Management
  16. Craft in Petroleum Geoscience
  17. Craft in Plumbing (TEP)
  18. Craft in Quantity Survey
  19. Craft in Social Work and Community Development
  20. Craft in Supply Chain Management

Baringo Technical College diploma courses

  1. Diploma in Accountancy (TEP)
  2. Diploma in Automotive Engineering
  3. Diploma in Banking and Finance
  4. Diploma in Building Technology
  5. Diploma in Business Management
  6. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  7. Diploma in Computer Studies (TEP)
  8. Diploma in Co-operative Management
  9. Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  10. Diploma in Fashion and Design
  11. Diploma in Food and Beverage
  12. Diploma in General Agriculture
  13. Diploma in Human Resource Management
  14. Diploma in Information Communication Technology
  15. Diploma in Information Science
  16. Diploma in Land Survey
  17. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  18. Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics Management
  19. Diploma in Petroleum Geoscience
  20. Diploma in Quantity Survey
  21. Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
  22. Diploma in Supply Chain Management

CBET courses

  1. Automotive Level 5
  2. Building Technology Level 6 (C-, 2 years)
  3. Electrical Technician Level 5
  4. Information Communication Technology Level 5
  5. Nutrition and Dietetics Level 5

Course Requirements

Baringo Technical College courses have structured requirements as seen below.

Diploma Courses

Minimum requirement: KCSE aggregate grade of C- (minus) and above.

Certificate Courses

Minimum requirement: KCSE grade of D (plain).

Artisan Courses

Open to students who possess either a KCPE or KCSE certificate.

Alternatively, students who have scored a D and below in the KCSE exam are also eligible to apply for artisan courses.

Baringo Technical College Fee Structure

The following table is the school’s fee structure for an entire academic year for students that were placed under KUCCPS.

Fee Item Total Fee per Year in KES
Tuition 13,360
RMI 823
LT&C 1,672
EW&C 1,630
P.E 5,760
Activity 1,675
Ind. Attach & Med 1,500
Total 26,420


Additional Fee Information:

  • Accommodation: Optional accommodation is available at Ksh. 2,500 per term.
  • Meals: Meals are available on a pay-as-you-eat (P.A.Y.E) basis.
  • Practical Material Fee: All Technical courses require a Practical Material fee of Kshs 3,000 per year.
  • Student ID: A one-time payment of Kshs 500 is required for the Student ID upon admission.
  • Caution Money: Kshs 1,000 per year is required as Caution Money.
  • Student Council: A one-time payment of Kshs 600 is required for the Student Council.
  • KUCCPS Placement Fees: A one-time payment of Kshs 1,500 is required for KUCCPS Placement.
  • TVETA Quality Assurance Fees: An annual payment of Kshs 500 is required for TVETA Quality Assurance.
  • Fee Payment: It is advised to clear the total fees when the college opens.
  • Fee Payment Options: Fees are payable at Kenya Commercial Bank (Kabarnet Branch) or through M-PESA PAY BILL using Business Number 522123 and Account Number 20390KFULLADMNO (without spaces).
  • KNEC Examination Fee: Please note that KNEC Examination Fee is not included in this fee structure and varies for each course.
  • Cash Payments: No cash payments are accepted.
  • Hostel Facility: The hostel facility is limited and available on a ‘first come first serve’ basis after clearing the tuition fees on the opening date.

How to Apply

The school encourages students to apply through KUCCPS placement as they get to qualify for the government TVET fees subsidy of Ksh. 30,000 per academic year, plus access to HELB loans from the government.

Baringo Technical College Contacts

Phone Number: +254-702-191409

Email Address:,

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