Benefits Of NHIF Supa Cover

NHIF Supa Cover is Kenya’s affordable, most reliable, and accessible medical insurance. The cover which is available to formal and informal employment protects you and your family. All Kenyans and Kenyan residents above 18 years of age are eligible to register for NHIF Supa Cover. One can apply for a single membership or family membership which allows them to include their declared spouses ( only 1) and children.

If employed, you must be over 18 years, posses Kenyan identification documents, letter of employment and official NHIF employer code for the company. For those in the informal sector and retirees, membership is voluntary. The NHIF Supa Cover contributions go for Ksh 500 per month for self-employed Kenyans.

To register, visit any of the 93 NHIF branches or Huduma Centers countrywide. One can register online through the website: 

When registering, a member will be required to provide the following documents :

  • A copy of ID
  • Passport size photograph – coloured
  • Copy of spouses ID if applying for a family cover
  • Marriage certificates or magistrate affidavit
  • Copy of birth certificates of the children /  or birth notification for children below 6 months
  • Passport size photo of children and spouse- Coloured
  • A duly filled application form which will be available at any NHIF branch, Huduma Center or on the  NHIF website

How to register for NHIF SUPA COVER online as self-employed

  1. Visit the NHIF registration portal
  2. Click the Self-employed icon
  3. Enter your National Identification number
  4. Attach a copy of ID and passport photo
  5. To include a spouse on the cover, provide details in the spaces provided and attach ID, passport photo, and marriage certificate/ magistrate affidavit
  6. To include children on the cover, provide their details in the spaces provided and attach copies of their passport photos and birth certificates.
  7. Complete the application by clicking on submit
  8. You will receive an SMS or email with NHIF number and how to start contributing.

Immediately after registration, you will be notified of the NHIF membership number. NHIF membership card can be collected after 14 days at the branch one registered. One can also request to collect the card at the nearest NHIF branch.

For the self-employed Kenyans, one will start accessing the benefits after a period of 60 days after registration. For those who are employed, after registration one will be able to access benefits.

Benefits Of NHIF Supa Cover

In addition to the comprehensive inpatient cover where NHIF covers bed rest- accommodation, medication, doctor fees, surgical and other medical procedures, the cover also offers the following benefits.

1. Outpatient Cover 

General consultation, diagnosis and treatment of common ailments, lab tests including antenatal profiling, health education, wellness and counselling, routine screening for conditions such as cervical and prostate cancer, and minor surgical services.

2.Maternity Cover

Normal delivery and caesarian section.

3.Specialized Diagnostic test 

Ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI), and computed tomography ( CT) scan.

4. Kidney Renal Dialysis

This is covered per family, applicable for inpatient and outpatient care for pre-dialysis, intra dialysis and dialysis care.

5.Kidney Transplant

Applicable for both local and overseas treatment; pre-transplant, intra transplant, and immediate post-transplant inpatient care, hospital stay for a donor. An applicable amount on donors card shall apply.

6. Surgical Package

Major, minor, and specialized surgeries.

7.Rehabilitation for drug and substance abuse 

8.Oncology/ Cancer Treatment

9.Specialized laboratory tests 

Done at level E & F pre-authorization or letter of an undertaking as required for this tests to be done.

10. Emergency ambulance rescue 

Road ambulance rescue

You can call NHIF on 0800 720 601 or visit your nearest NHIF branch if you have any questions.

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