10 Most Lucrative Farming Ideas To Venture Into In Kenya

The farming business is a booming sector, just like real estate, it keeps growing. Considering the fact that we all consume farm products almost daily, there is no way we can avoid this sector.

Entrepreneurs who saw a niche here have already filled it but farming is a vast piece of cake to exhaust, you can invest in farming right now and still reap big.
Below are some of the 10 most profitable farming businesses in Kenya that you should invest in.

1.Dairy Farming
Milk is a necessity in a majority of Kenyan homes. Milk production is a major profitable business as a litre fetches up to Ksh 70 in local retail stores. Venturing into it needs like 3-10 dairy cows for starters.

2.Goat and Sheep Farming
Goat and Sheep farming just like pig farming is affordable. All they need is somewhere to graze and somebody to look after them though they require minimum attention in gated grazing areas.
Sheep have got a variety of products from wool, skin, milk, mutton and manure while goats can provide meat, skin and even manure. Venturing into goat and sheep business is a promising venture which won’t disappoint at any given time.

3.Fresh juice production
Y’all know how healthy and refreshing a glass of blended juice is. It’s profitable since a 500ml glass of cocktail goes for around Ksh 90-120. It’s even better if you are growing the fruits as profits will be maximised.

4. Bee Keeping
With a relatively low starting capital of around ksh4000-5000/- you can then make a lot of money out of beekeeping. You are guaranteed between Ksh10,000 -60,000- per harvest on average.

5.Animal Feed Production
Dairy farmers, sheep and goat farmers, pig farmers, poultry farmers all need animal feed, and to be precise, cheap animal feeds for their animals. Producing animal feeds is absolutely profitable if you are using your own material such as maize stalks/cobs, beans barn, and Lucerne. For instance, a bag of layers marsh goes for around Ksh 3000 and a bag of the marsh for dairy cows goes at Ksh1500.
If you produce 10 bags each day for a start, then that’s a lot of money.

6.Swine Farming
Pigs, unlike other farm animals, are easy to look after. They eat everything edible and yield highly whether it is siring or being slaughtered for pork. They can sire up to 10 piglets and raise them up successfully. So you can buy two pigs and then the rest will be history.

A man tending to his pigs in Kirinyaga

7.Fish Farming
If you have bought fish, once in a while, or inquired its price then you know how expensive that piece of white meat is. With the continuously rising demand for fish, the price never gets any better. All you need is to make ponds and fill them with fish.

Fishponds in Kisii, Ogembo

8.Maize Farming
Maize is a staple food in Kenya and maize production is key in Kenya’s agricultural sector. Remember when there was a shortage of maize recently and everything almost came to a standstill. Well, Maize and Beans farming is tedious when done manually but when mechanized, it’s as simple as Abc and in a single season, a small scale farmer can harvest up to 90 bags.

A Maize plantation in Nakuru, Kongasis.

9.Vegetable/Fresh produce Farming
At the end of the day, most Kenyan households like to put a plate of steaming ugali and some vegetables. Hence the reason why the demand for vegetables keeps surging. Veges take around 3 months and you harvest. Onions, Capsicums, Tomatoes, Cabbages are just a few examples of vegetables that are profitable. A farmer with readily available water and good farm management skills can plant in both dry and wet seasons and still make a lot of money.

10.Poultry Farming
Many of us love eggs, whether boiled or fried and of course hen meat. For instance, Kienyeji eggs are sold between Ksh 15- Ksh 20 while exotic birds eggs sell for Ksh 10-Ksh 20. Broilers sell for around 600/- to 1000. The process of rearing chicken from a chick to a layer or broiler may be hectic but they pay back handsomely.

A poultry farm in Njoro

Other profitable farming businesses are like.

Bull Rearing

Rearing of exotic animals like horses for sale and llamas

Hay Farming

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