List Of 10 Best and Cheap Kenyan Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is a time to disconnect from work, catch up with family, sleep in, watch the season’s most anticipated movies, (over) eat good food and, yes, sleep it off. It’s also a great opportunity to hit the slopes or get out of town if you can manage it. But despite these seemingly ideal conditions, you still need something really unique and inexpensive that you can gift to your family and friends.

On this post, we are going to provide a list of best and cheap Christmas gift Ideas that you should try out this Christmas.

1.Generic Bike Bicycle Wheel Rims

They are red and white in colour. You can gift them to anyone- kid or adult- whoever owns a bicycle.They provide a great look at the bike. The colourful lights also alert motorists about a biker on the road. Imagine they cost only KSh 240.

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2. Smart Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

If you are gifting a music lover, you can consider the Generic BQ – 618 Smart Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. Shaped to cover the head and ears during chill winters, these headphones can be connected by Bluetooth to a mobile phone or compatible music player.

They retail at KSh 1,578

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3. Baby Night Lamp Star Projector

Thinking of star-lit nights during winters? The Baby Night Lamp Star Projector will give you exactly that.Ideal for gifting to kids or their parents or even adults, this electric and battery powered lamp projects stars on the ceiling of a room, giving it a romantic and aesthetic appearance during your Christmas holiday.  It retails at only  KSh 1,080.

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4. Jesus Cross Design Pendant Necklace

As we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus, you can gift this beautiful necklace to your male friend, lover, father, brother even your lover! Retailing at KSh 2,224

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5. ”Live Well Laugh Often Love Much” Wall Clock

During Christmas, we all celebrate and encourage love amongst us. How about you get a ”Live Well Laugh Often Love Much” Wall Clock at only Ksh  1,955? 

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For Christmas 2017, you need not worry about spending too heavily on gifts, Most gifts we have mentioned cost less than 3,000 and can be easily ordered online.

You have the option of getting them directly delivered to the receiver of your gift. Alternatively, you can have them home delivered and hand over personally during the coming festive season to your loved one.

Victor Matara

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