Best Battery Brands In Kenya

Basically, batteries are the heartbeat of our entire electronic component. Each year, thousands of products like motorcycles, motor vehicles, and renewable energy products are introduced into the market which relies on portable power or rather a battery power.

At some point, these batteries wear out and our lives literary stop, take an example if you are driving and your battery just dies out, and maybe it was at night…so you have to alight and wave at each passing car to help “jumpstart’ your battery.

Other people go for batteries which are cheap but end up spending more than those who bought expensive but durable batteries. Cheap batteries have a short lifespan which means you can’t stay with them for more than two years or even less. A good battery can last up to eight good years, with a reasonable warranty of like 4-5 years and good aftersale services.

Below are some of the best battery brands in Kenya for motor vehicles, motorcycles, and other renewable energy products.

1. Chloride Exide Batteries

2. KV Batteries

3. Amaron Batteries

4. Yuasa Batteries

5. Techcom Ups Batteries

6. Energizer Batteries

7. Scott Power Batteries

8. AMG batteries

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