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List Of Best Comfy Long Distance Bus Companies In Kenya

We have all travelled from one place to another, many have travelled from upcountry to either Nairobi or to other towns within the country.

Personally, I like it when I travel in air-conditioned vehicles, comfortable seats, large leg space, refreshments along the way just to name a few.
Travelling for long distances is tiresome hence it needs the most comfortable travelling medium to at least not get over exhausted.

Back then, you could travel in a packed bus with hard seats, poor ventilation, you could sit and under your seat are hens, imagine the smell, the buses used to stroll at almost 50Km/h and at 70Km/h when at their best on a steep descent. Travelling was one hell of a ride but with time, many travelling companies have come up with better and comfortable means of transport and we decided to list for you the most comfortable long-distance  bus companies in Kenya which you should consider once travelling.

1. Transline Classic
Transline classic is a long distance travelling bus company. Transline classic was established in 2005 and is currently operating with over 60 buses traveling approximately 4,2 mil km per year and carrying 720 000 passengers since being established. They majorly make trips to Western Kenya.

2. Modern Coast
Modern Coast is a luxury coach company which was incorporated on 26th May 2007. It operates within Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Modern Coast Coaches is one of the most recognised luxury bus companies operating in the region. The company has over 50 branches in Kenya , which serve almost all major towns in Kenya and other branches across its operating regions in East Africa.

3. The Guardian Coach
The Guardian provides the apt comfort that a traveller needs. They have a fleet of buses and even ‘shuttles’. They do online booking too.

4. Tahmeed
Tahmeed operates the Nairobi Mombasa, and Nairobi Kisumu route. They also offer courier package transportation.
Their comfortability gives travellers a run for their money.

5. Coast air
These buses are fitted with the internet, let you charge your PC or phone using the power outlets and are air-conditioned.
They mostly ply the Nairobi Mombasa route.

6. Coast Bus
Coast Bus is an affordable, comfortable and a safe means to travel to the Coast. First Class service come with Air conditioners, Free WiFi internet, Snacks & Washroom on-board and hostesses to serve your every need.

7. Simba Coach
With its offices located in River road Nairobi, Simba Coach gives the best for its customers, from the lush and comfy seats, good spacing, air conditioning and charging ports just to name a few. It makes daily trips to the coast, Malaba, Kigali and even Kampala.

8. Mash Poa
Mash Poa was incepted in 2003 and has grown drastically across Kenya and the East African region. Mash poa has more than 45 well serviced, and well air-conditioned buses.

9. Dreamline Express
Dreamline is the definition of elegance and luxury. Their buses are air-conditioned, very comfortable seats, charging ports, hostesses to serve you and very adequate leg space. They ply the Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu routes.

10.Crown Bus
Crown bus started it’s operations back then in 2006. They have rapidly transformed into a more comfortable and customer friendly transport company provider to Western Kenya.

John Nyabuto

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