Best Business to invest 100K in Kenya

Every single day of my life I normally put myself to task as to how I can help improve the lives of other Kenyans who are ready to invest in ideas that could make them the millionaires next door, every year the Kenyan universities produce over 50,000 graduates, with the current unemployment rate which is at 41% of the Population, this is a disaster.

This means we are rich in Human resource but opportunities do not exist? So I came up with over Business ideas that Kenyans can start today with as little as Ksh 100,000 and make a living:

1.Starting a DAY Care School:

Research shows many Kenyans have started trusting day Care Schools, This is a huge potential business with many parents actually paying over 30,000 per child (depends on Location) per week, what do you Need? A clean well-ventilated room with adequate security and you are good to go, you can make UP TO 1,000,000 Clean money, and this heavily depends on Trust.

 2.Start a  Car Wash

How Often do you clean your Car? How much do you pay? , this is a Booming Business, on average you would charge 300/= per car (body wash) IF you have a good location and motivated staff you can manage 100 cars per day, this is 30,000 Per day, assuming you work for 20 days a month you make a clean Gross income of 600,000/=

3. Join a Sacco

Did you know you can join a Sacco in Kenya and be given 5 times the amount saved? This will allow you to expand your business with a very good Capital base and low interest. STIMA SACCO is currently the best 5) FMCG supplier, Yes for 100K only, you can be a leading supplier of BIDCO Kenya, COCACOLA, RAMCO and CROWN GROUP. There are 2 approaches in this:

  •  To be subcontracted by the Appointed Agents
  •  To do it solo by buying as a Wholesaler


 4. Buy STOCK at NSE

If you have 250,000 KES you can actually Buy STOCK at NSE, The best performing company is BAT with its price going up by 7/= as at yesterday.

 5. Home Cleaning Services

This is a booming business that has not yet been explored fully in Kenya. You can make it big here especially when targeting the Middle Class. Get a team to work for you.

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