Best Businesses To Start In Kenya With 500k

This article covers the best businesses to start in Kenya with 500k. 500,000 is enough capital to start certain small scale businesses that can earn you good profits. You need to do proper marketing for such businesses to pick up and yield maximum returns.

Here is a list of the best businesses to start in Kenya with 500k.

1. Food Delivery

This is a booming venture that has gained momentum especially during this period of the pandemic. You can partner with restaurants, malls, shops and other companies for deliveries. It is easy and affordable to establish and maintain an effective delivery system that can reach a wide client base.

2. Electronics Shop

Most households in Kenya use electronics such as fridges, TVs, music systems, Bluetooth speakers, iron boxes and phones as part of the necessary home appliances that aid day to day activities or for entertainment purposes. You can start with a simple electronics shop selling basic items before progressing to a step higher once the business picks up. You can market your business online to get more reach. You can also incorporate repair services for such electronics.

3. Auto Repairs/ Spare Parts Shop

With 500,000, you can comfortably set up a small auto repairs or spare parts shop within the neighbourhood or estate. Vehicles and motorcycles need regular repair and maintenance services therefore you will never lack clients. However, you need to put into consideration the location of your business and settle on competitive prices that will attract customers.

4. Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing nowadays revolves around the digital space. Businesses, companies, content creators and brands rely on the digital space to market products and services and get more clients/viewership. You can do proper research and hire professionals to take your agency to the next level.

5. Online Store/ Shop

More people are embracing e-commerce whereby they sell and buy goods online. You can set up an online store and stock a variety of items. Ensure your products are affordable and of good quality. You also need to do a lot of marketing to get clients. You can market your products on various social media channels.

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6. Bakery

500k is a good start up capital to open a small bakery, where you can bake common delicacies such as cakes, mandazis, donuts etc. Do proper research and look into factors such as location, suppliers and customer service before setting up the bakery. You can also sell your products online.

7. Salon

The amount to invest in a salon will depend on location and target clients. The amount will be a bit higher if the salon is in a high end salon. You can set up a basic salon and hire professionals to run it. Ensure customer service is top notch and those working in the salon offer quality services. This business depends on referrals. A satisfied client will always refer a friend to your business.

8. Website and Graphic Design Firm

This is a good business that you can actually run from the comfort of your home if you are unable to open up an office. It requires you to have knowledge or expertise in web and graphic design. You can also opt to venture into web hosting. You need properly market your services on online sites to get clients.

9. Home Day Care

The daycare business is currently one of the most lucrative ventures in Kenya. There is a high demand for daycare services. You can convert your home into simple day care and highly market your services within the estate or your location. The trick here is to offer eye-catching services and affordable charges that will attract clients.

10. Cleaning Services

The demand for cleaning services is high, especially in commercial entities and high end residential homes. You can set up a basic cleaning company that offers a wide array of cleaning services at competitive prices. For this business to pick up, you need to do a lot of marketing. This can be done on online platforms and various social media channels.

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