Best Diploma Courses To Study In Kenya

This article focuses on the best diploma courses to study in Kenya. Most people tend to focus more on degree courses ignoring the fact that there diploma courses that are very marketable in Kenya. Such diploma courses offer skills that may not be offered by degrees. This guarantees you lucrative job opportunities once you complete your studies.

Here is a list of the best diploma courses to study in Kenya.

1. Diploma in Nursing

This is one of the best diploma courses to study in Kenya. The course is very marketable and equips you with the necessary skills to work in any healthcare sector, be it public or private. Several institutions in Kenya offer this course. However, the best place to undertake a diploma in Nursing is KMTC.

2. Diploma in Human Resource Management

Every organisation has to have a functional Human Resource department to manage the workfore and to perform any other basic HR functions. No organisation can operate without a proper HR department. This course is very marketable and equips one with skills to work in any HR related field.

3. Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

A diploma course in electrical and electrical engineering equips one with necessary skills to maintain and repair electrical equipment, power plants and also to perform basic electrical wiring. It is a marketable course that can land you good job opportunities.

4. Diploma in Quantity Survey

The course is best offered in technical training institutions and top universities in Kenya such as University of Nairobi. This course opens up opportunities in the building and construction industry and land related issues.

5. Diploma in Project Management & Evaluation

This is a lucrative and marketable course that is offered in most public institutions in Kenya. The course can land you good opportunities in the private and government sectors where you get the opportunity to execute high class projects.

6. Diploma in Communication and Journalism

This is a good course that equips you with skills and expertise to shape your career in the media industry. You can work in any field in the media industry, for example in TV and radio stations as a presenter/anchor, producer, editor or in the print media.

7. Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain

Procurement and Supply Chain is one of the fastest growing professions in Kenya that is opening up lucrative opportunities to many people. Working in an organisation’s procurement department is the best thing you can ever dream of, especially if you look forward to earning a good salary.

8. Diploma in Information Technology

This course is also marketable as it offers one with skills and expertise to work in any technological field. You can also opt to venture into self-employment by opening your own IT firm. The world generally revolves around technology. Several public and private institutions in Kenya offer this course.

9. Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Accountants and financial experts are needed in almost all organisations and sectors, especially in the corporate world. This is a very marketable course that can be pursued in top institutions such as KCA University and Kenya Institute of Management.

10. Diploma in Clinical Medicine

This is a marketable medical course that is best offered in all KMTC campuses located countrywide. There are numerous job opportunities that this course can offer. Almost all local public health facilities are run by clinical officers who are beneficiaries of this course.

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