Best Dressed Women Above 65 Years In Kenya

You might have read somewhere about some of the most stylish or well-dressed celebrities in Kenya, with some rather obvious personalities, but pause; that’s the work of a website, to inform you about what you know and what you don’t in equal measure.
So today we decided to look on to some of Kenya’s Most stylish Old women who despite their advance in age, they have still got a strong fashion tincture.

1.Mama Ngina Kenyatta

Kenya’s former first lady, she, like her son’s wife; Margaret Kenyatta, have exhibited a strong sense of fashion and simply kill it in any appearances although they have been limited due to her advancing age.

2.Orie Rogo Manduli

You might know her for showcasing African attire with her signature matching headgear in all her appearances. Orie Rogo Manduli became the first black African woman in Kenya to compete in the world circuit Safari Rally in 1974 and also entered the record books as the first woman to head the (NGO) council.
She may have been lost in the public limelight for a while now and somehow configured her face a bit but her sense of fashion is excellent.

3.Mama Sarah Obama

The fact that she is Obama’s granny is one, and that she gets dressed way better than her age is another. Granny has been stealing the attention in many of the high profile meetings she has been attending to lobby for funds for her charitable organization “Mama Sarah Obama Foundation”.
She is ageing fast and her public appearances have dwindled drastically

4.Ida Odinga

Former premier’s wife Ida Odinga is another best-dressed woman in Kenya, at 67 years old. She, being a public figure, she needs to be presentable and well dressed.

5.Charity Ngilu

The incoming Kitui Governor has been in the political arena for a while now. She is also in the history books as the first woman in East and Central Africa to give a bid at the presidency.
Her strong sense of fashion doesn’t go unnoticed and being a public figure, she needs to be more than smart in the public. At 65 years, she is old enough to qualify for this fifth slot.

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