List Of Top Dry Cleaning Companies In Nairobi

Doing our household chores can be tiring and boring, especially for us men. Chores like washing the dishes, mopping, dusting the walls and washing clothes is not an easy task to do in a day, given that most people go to work for the whole day.

Creative companies have come up with laundry services that come to your premises and do all this work for you, at an agreeable fee of course. The majority of these dry cleaning companies wash clothes and anything material including mattresses and carpets only but others do everything you want to clean in the house.

Below is a list of top dry cleaning and laundry companies in Nairobi you should prioritize when you want your laundry done.

1.Kisafi Cleaners
Contact: (+254)140 78200

2.Whiterose Drycleaners
Contact:  (+254) 20 2307662

3.Isamado Homecare Laundry
Contact:  0704 300300
0721 559068

4.Parapet Cleaners
Contact: 0788888748

5.Tintoria Drycleaners
Contact: 4448664
0729 722 437

6. Flush Dry Cleaners
Contact: +254 20 2211789

7. Suds & Duds Dry Cleaners
Contact:(254) 20227545
(254) 20227545

8. Queens Drycleaners
Contact: +254 20 2369956

9.Prestige DryCleaners
Contact: +254-207780756

10. Westgate Cleaners
Contact: (+254) 0721 711137

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