Best Family Cars to Buy in Kenya

It is an onerous task to select the best family cars in the Kenya but keeping certain points in mind, the decision might become easy. For a car to fulfil the needs of a family vehicle, it must have certain qualities, such as:

  • It must be cost-effective and durable
  • It needs to have enough legroom, shoulder space and boot space for a comfortable journey
  • It should be efficient on fuel economy statistics
  • It must have the basic entertainment features for an enjoyable drive
  • It should have all the safety features to ensure no harm is provided to the occupants under any dire circumstance.

Possessing almost all these factors, the best family cars in Kenya are as follows:

1. Toyota Noah

2. Toyota Rav4

3. Honda CR-V

4. Toyota Highlander

5. Mitsubishi Outlander

6. Toyota Sienna

7.Toyota Innova 

8. Honda BR-V 

9. Toyota Highlander

10. Subaru Crosstrek

11. Mazda CX-5

12. Subaru Outback

13. Honda Odyssey

14. Nissan Rogue

15. Toyota Alphard

16. Hyundai i30

17. Subaru XV

18. Volkswagen Sharan

19. Volkswagen Tiguan

20. Land Rover Discovery

21. Toyota Landcruiser VX

22. BMW X5

23. Audi Q7

Victor Matara

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