Kenyan Ladies : 5 Awesome Hairstyles to Rock when Broke and still look Trendy

There comes that time of the month, when money becomes scarce.You cannot afford Brazilian weave to match your sophisticated dress code. The last time you rocked an Afro was ages ago. Don’t be scared that people will ‘lol’ at your new look without some weave.Here are ways to make them turn their heads with these simple hairdos.

1. Bantu knots.

You wanna have that lovely, natural look when you get to work in the morning, then you gotta try out Bantu knots. They are so easy to make, you don’t need a salonist to fix you. It’s a protective style that will keep your hair moisturized and very natural.

2. Cornrows.

These are life savers, with as little as two hundred Bob, you can look radiant in simple lines, plaited with braids. You don’t have to use black braids.The colours are up to your tastes and preference. Go ahead and let cornrows change your look.

3. Temporary locks.

If you have short hair and you want to look sexy without incurring extra expenses, you could use some waxing gel and a wet towel to roll your hair into temporary locks. These could last you sometime before you get chums to go Brazilian again.

4. Afro.

It never fails, you can count on it.The likes of Lupita Nyongo rock it.Keeping natural and untamed brings out that sassy, principled and true African queen.A preserver of culture.

5.Blow dry.

Good thing is, you can style it differently.Just some heat to do away with the tangling and shrinking. Quite manageable.


Life is be beautiful, time is precious. Make the most out of it.