Best Institutes That Offer Plant Operator Courses In Kenya

This is a list of best institutes that offer plant operator courses in Kenya. The list focuses on renowned institutions that offer comprehensive and diverse plant operator courses in technicalities such as plant mechanics and general machine operator courses for machinery such as a forklift, earthmoving machines, lifting machines, agricultural machinery and general automotive.

Here is a list of some of the best institutions that offer plant operator courses in Kenya.

1. Sensei Institute of Technology

This is undoubtedly the best institute that offers a comprehensive set of plant operator courses. The institute offers driving school courses, plant mechanics, electrical installation, motor vehicle mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, operator courses for machines such as excavators, graders, motor roller, bulldozer, crane, forklift and backhoe loaders.

Location: Kitengela and Nakuru

Contacts: +254 717 951 055


2. Kenya Earthmovers And Highways Training College

The institution offers different options for plant operator courses; Option 1 being earthmoving machines such as motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, wheel loaders, compact roller, track shovel and backhoe loader. Option 2 features operator courses for lifting machines such as crane and forklift.

Location: Along Thika-Garissa Road, Landless Area

Contacts: +254 711 899 829/ +254 708 308 780


3. Kenya Institute of Highways & Building Technology

The institute has campuses in Nairobi, Kisii and Ngong. It offers road construction courses, capacity building courses, diploma in engineering courses and short courses in areas such as plant operators, basic building supervisors, driver refresher, road overseers and fleet management.

Contacts: +254 020 246 5760/ 0202465761


4. Kilimambogo Highways Building & Technology

It is a private institution that was mainly established to offer infrastructural related courses to people in both the private and public sectors. The institution offers 2 option of plant operator courses.

Option 1: Earthmoving machines such as motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, wheel loader, compact roller, track shovel, backhoe loader.

Option 2: Lifting machines such as cranes, forklift and motor vehicle driving.

Location: Along Thika-Garissa Road, Thika

Contacts: +254 708 308 780/ +254 703 813 145


5. Ganatra Plant & Equipment Training Institute

The institution provides practical and comprehensive heavy equipment training on the best selling JCB machines; Backhoe loader, single drum vibrating roller, wheel loader and excavator.

Location: +254 758 960 050/ +254 723 506 911


6. Lake Naivasha Institute Plant & Equipment Training

The institute has various campuses in Naivasha, Uthiru, Nairobi and Kampala.

Contacts: +254 706 009 022/ +254 702 665 562


7. Nairobi Technical Training Institute

The institute is located along Mogira Road, between Kariokor and Pangani Police Station

Contacts: 0721 233 394/ 020 8034 403


8. Institute of Applied Technology

The institute offers plant operator courses for machinery such as excavators, bulldozer, forklift, roller, track shovel and backhoe loader. The institution has campuses in Ngong, Nakuru and Nyeri.

Contacts: 0722 941 016/ 0732 316 330


9. Kithimani College of Plant Operators

The institution prides in having a huge plant that allows easy practicals for earthmoving machines such as excavators, graders, graders and backhoe.

Contacts: +254 759 333 230/ +254 759 333 229

10. Nyakio Plant Operators & Training

It offers plant operator training for heavy and light machinery such as graders, forklifts, excavators, vibrator roller, grader and wheel loader.

Location: Thika, next to motor vehicle inspection unit

Contacts: 0722 260 564/ 0721 260 420


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