Best Jobs For School Drop Outs And Form Four Leavers In Kenya

When it comes to finding a job, few workers have greater difficulty than high school dropouts. With these limitations in mind, here are some good-paying jobs for which a high-school dropout may be eligible ;

1. Construction technician
These people work in construction sites where they are tasked with mixing cement and concrete and doing all the basic work at construction sites. This work is suitable for form four leavers and school drop out because it requires no skills.

In a good day, someone working as a construction technician can make Ksh1, 500 in Nairobi or even more if you are given the supervisory role. Those working in other towns make up to Ksh 1,000.

2. Office Messenger
This is purely front office job which also requires no specific skills. Office messengers perform very crucial roles in every established office. To be recruited for the position, you are only expected to know basic English and Kiswahili.

3. Security Officer
Security officers are also referred to as watchmen though the industry has been revolutionized to make the position have a significant role in Kenya.

The entry of KK Securities, G4S and Wells Fargo into the Kenyan market opened opportunities for several school dropouts and form four leavers who could not get employment elsewhere. Today, over 100,000 are working for various security firms in Kenya, and they are happy.

The average salary for a security officer in Kenya is Ksh 10, 000, up from Ksh3, 000 five years ago; very encouraging.

4. Insurance Financial Advisors
Financial Advisors are simply sales executives. As a Financial Advisor you are expected to sell insurance policies to individuals and corporates. What is required is someone with excellent communication skills; education doesn’t matter much in this job as long as you understand various insurance products and policies.

Financial Advisors earn commissions, which come from the number of policies you sell.

Getting a job as a Financial Advisor with an Insurance company is very easy since management know what it entails.

5. Real Estate agent
In Kenya, you don’t have to pursue a course in real estate for you to join the sector. What is needed is to know your surroundings.

Your work is to act as a broker, which means that you enquire where there are vacant houses to let or sell and connect clients to the owners.

6. Tour Guide
Tour guides also don’t need skills but someone who understands the area. Even if you are a standard 7 drop out you can comfortably perform the role of a tour guide.

7. Waitress
They usually work in hotels and pubs in Kenya. This is a position which requires no academic papers as long as an individual can treat customers well and is able to present herself well.