Best Money Making Ideas This Christmas Season In Kenya

The festive season is here and many Kenyans are going to spend heavily to make this Christmas another memorable one.

But January usually gets many people off guard and badly broke. The same January, Many people are required to pay school fee, do some shopping and clear some Christmas arrears.
But when you are spending and splashing your money all over, somebody is cashing in and wishing this festive season never comes to an end.
We did an inclusive research on the best money making ideas this Christmas season that you should embrace if you are a businessman in Kenya.

1. Design And Sell Christmas Cards
With the festive season around the corner, many people tend to exchange goodies and send Christmas cards to friends and family.
This is a sufficient explanation as to why the demand for Christmas cards rises sharply from a date like today (1st December)
If you have a shop or you hawk, you can design the cards or get a friend to design some beautiful cards for you, put them up for sale and thank me later.

2. Pack And Sell Basket Gifts
This can be done by basically anybody, whether a hawker, a shopkeeper or an office attendant. You don’t need to prepare the food to be put in the basket, you can go to a food store, buy whatever you require, put it in a nicely decorated basket with beautiful Christmas wraps and then you are good to go.

3. Start A Broiler Poultry Venture
This Christmas, just like any other Christmas…people eat a lot of chicken, whether domestically or commercially. This is the season when the poultry business, especially the broiler ones is at a peak. If you have poultry which is maturing, keep them healthy and wait to harvest. They usually sell like candy outside a nursery school.

4. Sell Beautiful Christmas Souvenirs
Christmas is when many people go upcountry to celebrate Christmas with their kin.
Others come to town to visit their relatives before going upcountry when Christmas is due. After Christmas, many people like buying souvenirs to remind them of the place they were.
Good examples of souvenir goods that sell big are like mugs, decorations for houses, diaries, Christmas t-shirts, keyholders, custom made wallpapers and so on.

5. Sell Children’s Toys
This is that season when families are all together and go out for fun. You can sell children toys in public gatherings for fun days for kids, social gatherings and family entertainment joints.

6. Sell Gift-Wraps
As I have written above the festive season comes with a lot of gift sharing between friends and family. These gifts need to come in a beautiful package with a Christmas touch hence Christmas branded gift wraps come in handy. You can make quite an amount of the sales of this wraps too.

7. Sell Goodies, Cakes & Sweets
Treats this Christmas season with a young family are not complete without goodie, cakes and sweets. Other things like cupcakes and cookies also sell fast this Christmas season.If you have skills in cake making, you can make a killing out of this season and take orders from clients who want high quality but cheaper cakes for Christmas.

8. Start A Mobile Food catering Joint
The demand for catering services usually rises during this period mainly because many people are either too busy to prepare the delicacies they want or can’t just prepare the meals they want professionally or the visitors are too many for them. So many people would rather pay a professional cook for them and if you have a passion for cooking, then why not give it a try.

9. Sell Gifts
Showing generosity and love is one of the main purposes of Christmas and that’s why gifts flow freely this season. Gifts can be anything from t-shirts, mugs and jewellery. When selling gifts, sell the cheapest gifts so that even children can buy gifts for their parents. You can further wrap this gifts in a Christmas gift wrap at a small extra fee.

10. Sell Christmas Decorations
You can sell Christmas  decorations like Christmas trees in your shop or sell Christmas lights, ribbons and even candles

John Nyabuto

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