Best Paid CEOs In Kenya 2020

Co-operative Bank’s Gideon Muriuki is the Best Paid CEO in Kenya with an annual pay of Ksh 376.4 million.

Below is a full list of the highest-paid CEOs in Kenya as of 2020.

1. Gideon Muriuki – Cooperative Bank

Gideon who has been at the helm of the company since 2001, takes home an annual pay of Ksh 376 million. His remuneration includes a salary of Ksh 105 million and a bonus of Ksh 271 million.

2. Joshua Oigara – KCB

The KCB Group chief executive officer earns Ksh 299.1 million per year in salary, bonus, and allowances. Oigara’s remuneration includes a bonus of Sh145.3 million and a salary of Ksh 24.9 million per month. His good pay is attributed to the record profits made by the largest bank in Kenya.

3. Andrew Cowan- EABL

Mr. Andrew who was appointed as EABL Managing Director and CEO in July 2016 takes homes an annual pay of Ksh 115.7 million from the brewer. Thanks to the rising beer sales and profit.

4. Jeremy Awori – Absa Bank Kenya

The Absa Bank Kenya CEO earns a pay of Ksh 101.1 million per year. The pay includes a Ksh 34.26 million salary; pension and other benefits (Ksh29.8 million); cash bonus award (Ksh24.6 million) and a deferred cash and a share value plan worth Ksh 12.4 million.

5. Benson Wairegi- Britam

Benson is paid Ksh 81.6 million per year by the insurer. His remuneration includes a salary of Ksh63.2 million, gratuity (Ksh17.1 million) and non-cash benefits (Ksh 1.2 million).

6. Beverley Obatoyinbo – BAT 

Beverley Spencer-Obatoyinbo was appointed as Managing Director at British American Tobacco Kenya (BATK) in May 2017. She earns Ksh 60 million per year from the cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company.

7. James Mwangi- Equity

The Equity Bank CEO earns Ksh 60.4 million per year. This includes a salary of Ksh 56.73 million per year and an allowance of Sh3.744 million. He also controls a stake of 5.52 % at Equity Group Holdings which owns the bank. His salary has remained the same for the past 4 years.

8. James Mworia- Centum

The 42-year-old takes home Ksh 45 million per year. Mworia has benefited mostly from Centum’s generous employee performance bonus scheme.

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