Best Paying Agricultural Jobs in Kenya

Contrary to stereotypes, agriculture  in Kenya is brimming with well-compensated positions. This blog post  is going to list the best paying agricultural Jobs in Kenya as for 2017.  Remember that your degree in agriculture gives you the knowledge and skills to manage agricultural businesses, or work in the areas of agricultural sales, food production and farming journalism

Here are the Best Paying Agricultural Jobs in Kenya

1. Dairy Plant General Manager

2.Veterinary officers

3. Agriculture Sales Manager

4. Environmental Engineer

5. Food scientist

6. Horticulturists

7. Agricultural Equipment Operators

8. Agribusiness Management

9. Agricultural communications (Agricultural communications professional as educators)

10. Farm Managers

11. Dairy Technologist

12. Agricultural consultants

13. Soil scientist

14. Animal nutritionist

15. Plant breeder/geneticist

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