Best Paying Banks in Kenya

For graduates looking for information on Kenyan banks that pay the highest salaries, this post should offer some insight as to which bank in Kenya is the best to work for. Truth be told, getting a job at the bank is not an easy task but none the less, its one of the highest paying jobs in the country.  It’s good to note that this article is not intended to hype any bank or make anyone inferior to the other.

With all that said, here is a list of best-paying banks in Kenya.

1. CFC Stanbic BANK 

Starting Salary: 60-80K

2. CBA 

Starting Salary: 60-75K

3. KCB

Starting Salary: 50 – 70k

4. ECO Bank

Starting Salary: 55-75K


5 . NIC Bank 

Starting Salary : 55-75K.

6. Barclays Bank of Kenya

Starting Salary : 55 – 70K

7.  I & M Bank

Starting Salary : 45 – 70k

8. Cooperative Bank

Starting Salary : 55-68K

9. Citi Bank of Kenya

Starting Salary : 50 – 60k

10. National Bank of Kenya 

Starting Salary : 40k – 60k

11. Family Bank

Starting Salary : 40 – 50k

12. ABC Bank  

Starting salary : 35 – 45k

13. Equity Bank

Starting Salary : 25 – 45k

Victor Matara

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