Best Paying Careers With A Bachelor’s Degree In Kenya

Careers pay, just like hard work does. That’s the main reason you were selectively chosen after high school to pursue a certain course according to how you performed.

High performers get the best courses which will be easily absorbed to the job market after graduation.

Here are 10 best paying careers with only a bachelor’s degree in Kenya.

1. Petroleum Engineering
This course requires brains, commitment, and hard work.
Professionals in this field are very few hence the reason why its salary is appealing. Professionals here, even without a masters degree rake in more than 1.1 million each month.

2.Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace engineering professionals are offered an average starting salary of about ksh200,700 which stretches to millions in a short. Aerospace engineers are tasked with the design and creation of aircraft and other space objects like rockets.

3.Chemical Engineering
Graduates in this field are offered a starting salary of around 195,500 which surges up to 800,000 in mid-career and then to millions later on. Their main task is carrying out a well planned and extensive research in fields such as energy, electronics, and food production.

4.Actuarial Science

Few individuals in Kenya venture into this professional but it’s among the most prestigious careers in the country. After graduation, you can be sure you won’t struggle “tarmacking” and once employed, a cool minimum salary of  Ksh200,000 will be a surety. The maximum salary can go up to Ksh 3 million or more.

5.Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering graduates are offered a starting salary of around ksh180,300 and balloons up to half a million mid-career period. The salaries are good here because it is a competitive field. Their job may involve manipulating and working on electricity production.

Medicine is rigorous, demanding and it pays.
Interns can earn more than 90,000 in the newly negotiated pay rise and the highest paid doctors earn salaries worth millions each month.
One can also start his/her private hospital too and double the income.


Architecture is another course that can guarantee you a lump sum salary after campus. Architectures can rake in more than 300,000.

8.Computer Engineering
Computer engineering professionals are paid a  starting salary of around 98,800- 100,000 which increases to more than half a million as they mature in the career and to millions as time goes by.

Law is a hard course and law students take up to 6 years in campus. After graduation, one can get attached to a law firm or work independently as a lawyer.
Lawyers who have been in the profession for a while and have mastered the art easily make a million bob every other month.

10.Computer Science
Professionals in this field pocket a starting salary of ksh100,600 and the figure increases in their mid career. Today computer science is everything and it seems to be having a solution to every problem the world has in matters technology.

John Nyabuto

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