Best Paying Government Jobs in Kenya

Sometimes public service in Kenya pays, but sometimes it doesn’t. One of the trademarks of the current recession in our country has been widespread unemployment. As a result, anyone looking for a job right now should probably cast a wide net and include government jobs in their search for a regular paycheck.

Today , we highlight some of the Best Paying Government Jobs in Kenya at the moment. 

1.  Medical Jobs 

2. Finance jobs  ; Nairobi Securities Exchange , Audit Jobs , Insurance jobs , Accounting , Financial managers

3.  Procurement Jobs

4. Engineering Jobs ; Electricity

5. Judiciary Jobs

6.  Legislators

7. IT Jobs

8. Transportation and Storage ; Freight Operators, Road Maintenance and Operating of Transport infrastructure

9. County government Jobs

10 . KRA Jobs 

11. Central Bank Jobs 

Victor Matara

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