Best Phone Organisation And To-Do List Apps

Juggling between tasks is no mean feat nowadays as everybody seems preoccupied. You may have a project presentation, shopping to do, a friend to catch up with, a document to drop, maybe a coffee date to name just a few, on the same day.  You may easily forget some of them as you are likely to drown in the sea of tasks but there is a simple way to get yourself out of this murky state by using these tracking, listing and to-do cell phone apps to stay on track with your activity and actions each day.

There may be hundreds of organisation apps in the Playstore or Apple store but below is a list of the best of them all that will just sort you out.

Have a look.

1. Trello
This app helps you create vision boards that help you to see your goals clearly. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details.

2. Success Wizard
Success Wizard helps you to plan your entire year and breaks it down further into monthly, weekly and daily goal targets.It offers the most effective step-by-step personal development and coaching program to help you change, grow and enrich your life.

3. Todoist
This application syncs your desktop and phone calendars to keep you on track no matter where you are

4. Carrot
Carrot is ideal for procrastinators who need a little kick in the backside to get up and get going.

5. Wunderlist
This application is great for group goals, it helps everyone to stay on track with their deadlines for each of their projects

John Nyabuto

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