List Of The Best Places In Kenya To Go Hiking On Weekends

We have all had a busy week and if you never had one, then you must be a very lucky person. Now that the weekend is finally here,  we want to get a rest, forget all about the Kenyan jam craze, the early dawns to work and even the struggles at work to finish loads of work.

Well, weekends are days to ‘kujiachilia‘ , have fun and enjoy everything while it lasts. This weekend, we decided to list for you some of the best places to go hiking so as to bond more with family, friends and even workmates and make good memories out of the hikes

Below are some of the best places to go hiking this weekend in Kenya.

1.Ngong’ Hills
The serene and lush green fields at Ngong are just inviting. Just a few kilometers from the CBD, Ngong is the best getaway place for hikes because of its tranquillity, picturesque environment and the uneven terrain favorable for hiking.

2. Arboretum
I have been to arboretum before for a photo shoot and a hike and it was just amazing. With a well-conserved natural and exotic environment complete with footpaths for hiking, arboretum is one place within the city that you can go for a quick hike.

3. Nairobi Safari Walk
The signature winding boardwalk gives hikers an exclusive view of the wildlife in Nairobi National Park. This place is a best getaway hike destination to walk for like 2-3 hours, bond and catch up on things you missed during the week with family and friends.

4. Karura Forest
Karura forest is a natural hiking destination that has a variety of indigenous tree species and hundreds of birdlife.
The caves make a good spot to catch up and bond and the forest has hiking paths where users can ride bikes or just walk.

5. Menengai Crater
I went to Menengai Crater back in 2009 with my big brother, then in primary, and that was the best hike I ever had. I mean the scenery is breathtaking, the terrain is splendid and the environment is inviting for a perfect hike.
Menengai is a must go for people who want to go for a hike this weekend.

6. Naro Moru
This is the best alternative if you can’t fully trek to the top of Mount Kenya. This place is covered with distinct vegetation, towering tussock grass, and rocky terrain.
Hikers get to see the best of flora and fauna in a rather breathtaking panoramic view.

7. Chyulu Hills
Located between two national parks, Chyulu hills provides a conducive ambiance for hikers and a good view of the wildlife. Within Chyulu hills are the clean waters of Mzima springs where hikers can quench their thirst.

8. Hellsgate National Park
This is Kenya’s smallest national park but it provides rather a mammoth of services to the public. The public can go for hiking, game driving, rock climbing, cycling, bird watching
visiting the geothermal plants, visiting Maasai cultural center just to name a few.

John Nyabuto

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