Best Places in Nairobi to Invest in Rental Property 2018

Returns on investments for the residential property had slowed down late last year due to the uncertainty around the August 8th polls and the repeat polls by 3.2% but they slowly regained from late November last year and are on a steady rise.

The total returns were pegged at 9.4% last year against an impressive 12.6% in 2016. On the other hand, the rise in property prices had nearly halved late last year to 3.8% from 7.4% because the investors were most probably shying away from long-term investments as they awaited the outcome of the polls but after the elections, everything seems to have returned to normalcy.

Rental yields, however, have been on a steady rise even with the events surrounding the last year’s election…but generally, the real estate market has stabilized with this brief period in 2018.

Here are some of the places with high return on rental property as of 2018 in Nairobi

Residential Area                                                               Property                                         Return(%)

1. Thindigua (Near Runda and Ridgeways)                       Apartments                                             19.3 

2. Langata                                                                               Apartments                                            18.7

3. Ridgeways                                                                           Apartments                                            18.4

4. Langata                                                                               Detached units                                       17.4

5. Juja                                                                                       Detached units                                       17.3

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