10 Best Places to Retire in Kenya

A decade ago, retirement to many people meant the end of a career; one could stop working. Nowadays, the term retirement has got a new meaning i.e., leading an active, purposeful, and exciting life. Retired Chief Justice Willy Mutunga and retired Reverend Timothy Njoya are good examples. Generally, retirees also look for sources of income.

In Kenya, the age of retirement is 60 years, but surprisingly there is an increasing number of people now opting to retire at ages between the mid-40s and early 50s. Quality of healthcare, security, and housing prices always play a significant role when deciding the best place to retire.

So, without further ado – after months of research,  we list below 10 Best Places to Retire in Kenya.

1. Nakuru 

Nakuru is the fourth-largest city in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. It is the capital of Nakuru County and the former capital of the Rift Valley Province. Generally, Nakuru is a safe and clean town compared to a lot of towns in Kenya. It’s by far the most decent town in Kenya.  It’s an ideal place you should consider moving to after retirement, considering that it is surrounded by major food-producing counties hence making food cheap. Traffic is very minimal, and public transport is also affordable in Nakuru. Milimani, Section 58, Kiti, Langalanga, Pangani, Shabab, Bangladesh, Lanet, Freehold, Free Area, and Ngata are some of the best estates you can consider moving to in Nakuru.  It is also quite peaceful despite being the heart of Kenya’s politics; It has drawn people from almost all the tribes in the country.

2. Kisii

Kisii is one of the cheapest and best places one can think of after retirement. Agriculture is the backbone of Kisii’s economy, simply meaning that access to affordable food will always be easy. Nyanchwa, Nyamage, Jogoo, Nyakoe, Bobaracho, and Gekomu are some of the best places one can consider getting a piece of land and enjoy his/ her retirement days. Security, healthcare, and access to clean water are readily available in all the neighborhoods named above.

3. Kitale

This is another agricultural town in Western Kenya. If you are into farming, after retirement, you can buy or hire acres of Land in Kitale and venture into Maize farming. By this, you will be able to generate money, which will top up your pension money. Healthcare in Kitale is quite good, and access to clean water is not a big deal. One good thing I like about Kitale is the fact that there is plenty of food which is fresh all the time. Milimani, Lessos, Kibomet, Standard, Section 6,  and  Lavington ( yes, there is another Lavington in Kitale (:  ) are some of the best neighborhoods in Kitale.

4. Thika

Thika is home to major Kenya production industries. It was named the 78th best destination to do business in the world because it has comparatively less cumbersome procedures, especially on property registration. Lower rent prices, excellent road infrastructure, and proximity to Nairobi using the superhighway make it one of the best places to consider living in after retirement.  The main reason being; After retirement, you want to do some business in a relaxed and calm area. Venturing into real estate business, the supply of construction material and transport business is ideal in Thika.  Thika being in a farming region, simply means that access to fresh food supply will not be a headache for you. The cost of living here is not as high as in Nairobi.

Places like Bungoma and some parts of Eldoret are also good options one can consider as the best places to retire in Kenya.

Victor Matara

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