10 Best Real Estate Websites in Kenya for Property Search

There are so many real estate web portals in Kenya but when it comes to search the property, often people get confused which one to try. Although most of the people depend on the local real estate agent when it comes to buy or rent property. So we decided to write a complete list article helping out with your ordeal for property search in Kenya.

1. BuyRentKenya

This is one of the most trusted property websites in Kenya. Since the portal was launched in 2012, it has been registering steady growth in traffic. According to Lizzie Costabir, the marketing manager, the website has a traffic of over 150,000 visitors who access more than 40,000 accredited market listings, compared to 60,000 visitors and 10,000 property listings at inception. It was voted the Best Marketing Internet Property Portal in 2014.
Access it here: www.buyrentkenya.com

2. Property24

This is a global brand which has managed to build a name in Kenya for the past years. Property24 helps homebuyers and renters find apartments, houses, townhouses, vacant land and farms. With over 25,000 property listings for sale and to rent from Kenya’s leading Real Estate Agents, there’s never been an easier and more convenient way to search for property from this portal.

Access it here: www.property24.co.ke

3. Jumia House

Formerly known as Lamudi, Jumia House helps Kenyans in the property market find their ideal home, land or commercial property. Since it’s launch in October 2013, Jumia House has grown to offer more than 800,000 property listings.

Access it here: www.house.jumia.co.ke

4. OLX Real Estate

After gaining customers through free services in Kenya, OLX decided to create a new category that has been dealing with real estate. Every day, the properties listing on OLX Kenya seems to be growing as it is currently listing over 73,000 commercial and residential properties for sale and rent.

Access it here: www.olx.co.ke/real-estate

5.Knight Frank

This is a global property manager which mainly focuses the wealthy class. At their website, you can browse apartments, flats, studios and houses for sale.

Access it here: www.knightfrank.co.ke

6. PropertyLeo

Property Leo is another Kenyan property website with over 1,000 properties currently listed. They have apartments, townhouses, offices and villas in Nairobi, Mombasa and other prime locations.

Access it here: www.propertyleo.com

7. Lloyd Masika

Other than being one of the leading valuation and estate Agency firms in Kenya, Lloyd Masika has a portal where they have listed the property for rent and sell. Their main clients include individual property owners, private companies, government agencies, industrial and Manufacturing Firms, Banks, Insurance companies, Agro-based companies, Embassies, and Hotels.

Access it here: www.lloydmasika.co.ke

8. Suraya

Suraya Property Group Ltd is a real estate company incorporated in 2006 by Pete and Sue Muraya. They are one of the leading real estate agents in Kenya. You can access their property here: www.suraya.co.ke

9. PigiaMe 

With Pigiame you can search from a wide variety of Houses for Rent in Nairobi at affordable prices.

Access it here: www.pigiame.co.ke › Classifieds › Property Sales & Rentals

 10. Villacare

Villa Care has been in operation since 1994.  They offer a sale of residential properties and a variety of commercial properties in Nairobi, Mombasa and East African region. You can check their property listing here: www.villacarekenya.com

You can also check out houses for rent in facebook groups like ”Who’s Moving out I Move in

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