List of 7 Best Refined Vegetable Cooking Oil brands in Kenya

When it comes to our health, truth be told it’s our first priority. You don’t want to go eating foods cooked in oil that is going to flood your body with cholesterol. Definitely, you need something natural, something extracted from real nuts and seed and not some oils filled with chemicals. Here are some of the best refined vegetable oils best for your health which you can easily get in a supermarket.


You wanna control cholesterol levels in your body, you got to grab a 10 litre Ufuta container, a rich natural source of vitamins E. Ufuta can be used for general household cooking like baking, deep frying just to mention but a few. It’s not that much expensive meaning you can afford it.

Golden fry.

Must have seen that commercial advert on Tv. How friends meet up and get to enjoy a delicious meal all thanks to Golden Fry? It does not smoke or burn and is purely made of vegetable oils. It has a longer shelf life and can be used for repeated frying. Golden fry lasts longer and fries more.

Sun Gold.

There is always another option of Sun Gold. It’s purely made of the best sunflowers and the healthiest alternative for your family to live longest. Sun gold is rich in vitamins E, and foods cooked in it absorb little of this oil making it healthy.


It tops the list when it comes to being the best. Its 100% pure of refined corn oil. Elianto is an all-purpose cooking oil that is very nutritious. When it comes to preservation, it remains clear even when refrigerated. You wanna eat quality for your money, try Elianto.

Fresh Fri premium vegetable oil.

Looking for a nutritious filled vegetable oil, fortified with vitamins A and D, that works wonders to your meals without bloating your stomach? Fresh Fri premium vegetable oil is the way out. You can get it from as little as 250 ml up to 20 liters depending on your pocket.

Top fry.

That beef isn’t going to taste any sweeter if you don’t deep fry it in this cooking oil. Quality is what top fry delivers at the same time protecting your body from cholesterol related diseases like heart attack, and stroke. Good thing is it comes in different quantities and you don’t have to worry about prices.


You love those samosas too much but you really don’t know the secret too their taste. It’s the vegetable oil used in cooking it. Bahari vegetable oil, does not burn very fast, meaning you can use it for a long time. Also, you can reuse it on different foods for you and your family.


Produced by Kapa Oil Refining limited, one of the most notable vegetable oil producing company will not make you hesitate to purchase it. This brand is made up from sunflower seeds, rich in omega 3 and 6 and is perfect for dieting.

Kimbo Cooking Oil.

Kimbo Premium, an extension of the original Kimbo brand, enhances the taste of your favorite meals. With a long shelf life of 1.5 years, this is the healthiest blend of palm olein, soya and sunflower oils. Kimbo Premium makes your meals delicious and offers the same quality, consistency and flavour that have been trusted for generations.



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