Best Reseller Hosting Companies in 2020

Recently , we highlighted on How to start a Web Hosting Business In Kenya. Today we are going to look at some of the best reseller hosting companies in 2020. It’s good to note that finding the best reseller web hosting to suit your needs is the most crucial foundation for success of your web hosting  business. The best reseller hosting providers offer a variety of tools and resources to help you purchase and resell hosting space. Choosing the best reseller web hosting provider requires you to take several factors into account.

  • First, you need to consider your budget as well as how many accounts you would like to resell
  • The CPU speed & processor version of the servers: Xeon, Atom, & Opteron
  • The number of cores each server has available for multi-threaded processing
  • Whether the servers use hard disk drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD)
  • The account limits on hard disk storage vs the price for the plan
  • Whether the accounts include the ability to host unlimited numbers of domains
  • The account limits (if any) on the number of MySQL databases installed
  • Whether the account includes the use of WHMCS or requires a paid upgrade license
  • Which company is provided to manage the domain name registration (Enom, GoDaddy, etc.)
  • Whether the account uses cPanel for domain management or proprietary admin software
  • What additional services can be rebranded and resold (VPS, Dedicated, Domains, etc.)
  •  Finally, it is a good idea to see what else you get as part of the reseller hosting package, such as free site builders, templates, and access to customer support.

Below is a list of some of the best shared web hosting providers that also offer excellent reseller web hosting resources as by 2020. 

1. GreenGeeks

Recommended for : Great reseller hosting for web designers.

2. Just Host

Recommended for : Affordable Packages,friendly technical Support and high quality servers;

3. HostGator

Recommended for: Premium reseller hosting for uptime & reliability.

4. ResellerClub

Recommended for: Affordable, high-performance reseller hosting.

5. SiteGround

Recommended for : Global reseller web hosting with premium hardware.

6. InMotion Hosting

Recommended for: Affordable, high-performance reseller hosting.

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