Best Short Professional Courses In Kenya

This article focuses on the best short professional courses in Kenya. There are several short marketable professional courses that one can study in Kenya. Most of the courses take 2-3 months and can extend up to 6 months depending on the nature of the course. By studying such courses, one gains essential skills and knowledge that make him/her more employable.

Here is a list of the best short professional courses in Kenya.

1. Language courses

Language courses are very marketable in Kenya. You can enrol for a short language course, to learn international languages such as French, German, Spanish or local languages here in Kenya. Such language courses put you a step ahead and open opportunities to work as a translator, transcriber or language tutor.

2. Cyber Security

Cyber Security is one of the best paying fields in Kenya. You can opt to study a short course in the area if you have interests in the field of IT, particularly fighting cybercriminals or hackers. However, the field is not a walk in the park. Short courses in cyber security are good for those with some skills in ICT.

3. Barista

Barista courses are very marketable and take a very short period of time. The courses are good for those with interests in the hospitality industry, particularly for one who wishes to work as an expert in preparing coffee and espresso drinks.

4. Digital Marketing

Short digital marketing courses offer avenues for one to work as a digital marketer, either employed or self-employed. You gain the necessary skills to be a professional social media marketer, SEO expert or any other area that revolves around the online space.

5. Video Production/ Videography

There are several schools here in Kenya where you can enrol for short videography lessons, where you get the necessary skills in video shooting and editing.

6. KMTC Medical Courses

KMTC offers short lucrative medical courses in areas such as HIV training and counselling, first aid, nursing aid, infection prevention and many more. Such courses will guarantee you numerous job opportunities. The courses are recommended for those with interests in the medical field.

7. Baking and Pastry

Baking and pastry courses take a very short duration. They open avenues for one to be self-employed or be employed in the lucrative baking industry.

8. Programming

Short programming courses are also very marketable. There are numerous schools especially in Nairobi that offer good programming courses.

9. Electronics Repair

Electronics repair short courses are very good and quite marketable. Most people who enrol for such courses end up being self-employed.

10. CPA

CPA courses are an added advantage for those who wish to work in the accounting, auditing and tax sectors. Most accounting and auditing firms prefer hiring one with CPA certification and other short financial courses. There are several CPA schools in Kenya where you can enrol and study the course at your own convenience, whether part-time or full-time.

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