List of Best Smart TVs to Buy in Kenya

What is a smart TV in the first place?  Smart TV is a term that is used for a television that runs on a specific OS (Tizen, webOS, Android TV, Firefox OS) and are capable of performing various tasks using the internet. These televisions have the feature of Wi-Fi connectivity which enables them to download various apps from the app store pre-installed in them. Some models also come with pre installed apps like YouTube, Netflix , Amazon, Skype and other social apps along with streaming content capability.

Smart TVs are set up in a way to keep you socially connected without the use of laptops or cellphones. They are termed as complete entertainment packages and are available in various screen sizes and display types. Back to our main topic, what are the best smart Tvs in Kenya at the moment?  I did a research and came up with the list below.

List of Best Smart TVs to Buy in Kenya.

1. LG UH603V – 65 Inch – 4K Resolution 

Price : KSh 175,000  Buy Here 

2.Sony X8500D – 65 Inches – 4K Resolution 

Price : KSh 269,999 Buy Here 

3. Samsung KU7350 Curved- 55 Inch – 4K Resolution 

Price : KSh 135,000 Buy Here

4. TCL S4900 – 55 Inch

Price :  KSh 54,999 Buy Here 

5.Sony BRAVIA W650D – 48 Inch Smart Tv

Price :KSh 66,500 Buy Here 

6. Hisense 55 Inch Smart TV – 4K Resolution 

Price : Ksh 62,000 Buy Here 

7. Lightwave S5518 T2 – 55 Inch Smart Tv

Price : KSh 59,399 Buy Here 

8. Lightwave S5018 T2 50 Inch Smart Tv 

Price : KSh 49,999 Buy Here 

9. LG 55LH545 – 55 inch Full HD Smart Tv

Price : KSh 85,399 Buy Here 

10. Samsung UA48J5200AK Full HD Smart Tv

Price : Ksh 67,000 Buy Here 

11.  Sony Bravia 55X8500D 55 Inch – 4K Resolution 

Price : KSh 129,999 Buy Here

12. LG 55EG910T – 55 Inch – Curved OLED 4K Smart TV 

Price : KSh 210,000 Buy Here 

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