Best Time For A Safari In Kenya

Kenya is one of the greatest safari destinations in Africa. It is a land full of fascinating cultures, bustling metropolitan towns, beautiful landscapes, hidden games and a variety of animal, bird and plant life. Kenya is definitely a country where you will find everything you are looking for as an adventurous person.

Best Time For A Safari In Kenya

July to October (Dry season)

This is the best period to visit Kenya or plan a safari in Kenya. July to October is Kenya’s dry season and is the best time for game-viewing. There is greater visibility of wildlife during the dry season as most animals gather around the scarce watercourses.

This period also coincides with the incredible migration of wildebeests. The wildebeests usually arrive at the spectacular Maasai Mara National Reserve between August to September and remain at the reserve for about one month before migrating to the Serengeti Park located in Tanzania.

Apart from witnessing the wildebeest migration, you can also visit the marvellous parks, reserves and sanctuaries located within the country, for game viewing, camping, hiking, nature walks and bird-watching adventures. Kenya contains 22 National Parks, 28 National Reserves and 5 National Sanctuaries.

December to January

This period is also fine for safaris although short rains may be witnessed in the month of December. An influx of visitors is recorded during this period due to the festive season. Most holiday homes or hotels hike prices during this period. Therefore it is not the best time for those wishing to safari on a tight budget.

April to June is the worst period to safari in Kenya. This is the period when the country experiences high rainfall which hinders most safari activities such as nature walks, game viewing, hiking and camping. Some camps and lodges remain closed during this season as a result of heavy rainfall which at times causes flooding.

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