List Of Best Time Saving Apps To Speed Up Your Work In Kenya

Nowadays the majority of the employed or the self-employed Kenyan population are usually very busy trying to utilize every minute they have to do something constructive. Nowadays, many people see the day as too short because they have too much already on their plate that working hours don’t exhaust a bit of their work.

Personally, I spend 90% of my day online…well working. That means that if I get an application which can speed up my work; say editing, syncing or reminding me of some undone tasks, I will get more time to do more tasks or I will spend less time working. Technology always chips into our aid.

Here is a list of some of the best time-saving apps that can speed up your work and give you enough time to run your other errands.

1.  Grammarly

Grammarly was a game changer the moment I knew it. Imagine typing a mail say for a job application and it full of grammatical errors you cant just see, poor punctuation and even spacing…or you are an online writer and you have no editor, your work can be so messy and you won’t realize it but your audience will.

Grammarly can fix all your typing problems and save you the time of cross-reading to check out for errors. This app ensures your text is absolutely mistake-free. It basically scans your text for common grammatical errors and suggests a better sentence construction for you.

2. Contact+

Contact+ helps arrange your messy contact list. If your contact list is all messed up; with mixed up numbers, then contact+ is here for you. With this application, you can design your contact list the way you want it to be, arrange your contacts as you want them to be for easy retrieval. It also combines the call log, messages and even ability to directly message somebody through social media hence saves you the time of having to flip through many apps to reach that person you want. Contact+ also reminds you of birthdays of people within your contact list because it is synced with their social media accounts.

3. is an email and calendar extension and its best for those workers who are always late, forget time and dates for scheduled meetings or generally don’t have the time for meetings. This application rummages through your calendar on Gmail and then finds an appropriate time to meet when you are free. Once the date has been set, then blocks, the date on your calendar and reminds you when the meeting is due.

4. Last pass

Modern-day Kenyans have lot’s of passwords and it may be hard to memorize all of them or even harder to keep filling in your passwords whenever the need arises. This application has a vault where you can store all your passwords safely and it can be installed as a web browser extension say with Chrome where passwords can auto-fill once you have given the Last Pass that permission. This can save you the time of continuously having to enter your password when you want to login to whichever application you have allowed the Last Pass to access.

5. DocuSign

The DocuSign electronic signature app provides consumers and professionals with a simple way to legally sign and return documents from anywhere, anytime, on any device in minutes without any physical meeting! And best of all, signing is free.

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