Best Tools to Create High Impact Intros on YouTube

The first few seconds of your video are probably the most powerful ones that decide whether your content has the potential to go viral. 

The intro to your video will need to be a sharp blend of music, text, images, and animations. You may also need to pay attention to aspects like branding for a much higher recall value and impact on the social media waves. A great intro helps your video cut through the clutter as over a billion videos get uploaded every day! 

The great news is that, even if you do not possess professional editing skills, there are a plethora of stellar YouTube Intro Maker tools available to help you build high impact intros for your video content. 

Here’s a handpicked roundup of tools for you to experiment with, ace your intro game and lend your videos a professional finish. 

This is a one-stop platform for all your video making needs. It has an eclectic collection of ready-to-use templates, images, video clips, as well as animations, special effects, and other video embellishments. 

While you can create an entire video from scratch, the platform’s intro maker lets you add a professional-looking introduction to all your video content. InVideo has several pre-loaded intro templates, which can be customized to blend perfectly with your video. 


This platform empowers you to create video content on the cloud, no matter where you are located. Hence, bandwidth and access is never an issue. An easy-to-use, accessible platform, with Motionden, you can create high impact intros in just a few minutes. 

The platform has several templates to choose from, and your intros can have vibrant animations to start your videos with a bang. h


This platform comes with several online branding tools that support multiple business needs. In a nutshell, it’s a great fit for any brand looking to focus on building its social media visibility. Renderforest lets you create high-quality videos, logos, mockups, and websites, quickly and with finesse. 

It has a collection of over 100 video templates in various categories. These can be used to create powerful, engaging intros for all your video content. 

Tube Arsenal 

This platform helps you to customize the perfect intros for your YouTube videos. It offers several preloaded templates for all kinds of video makers – professional social media video, YouTubers, online gamers, and filmmakers. 

The platform makes it very easy to create videos. You merely have to choose the template, improvise the text, play with the color schemes, experiment with images, and then purchase the final intro clip or video for a minimal cost.  

Adobe Spark 

This is another great software that lets you quickly create and customize YouTube videos. The software’s user-friendly interface empowers video-makers to create powerful YouTube video intros with minimal editing skills. Add your own photos, video footage, as well as voice-overs to make it impactful. 

You can play with additional elements such as personal themes to make your intro even more unique. 


This is yet another simple-to-use platform to create animated videos, as well as professional presentations in the shortest duration of time. While there is a paid version, you can experience it for free. This is a great platform for anyone with minimal video editing experience. 

The animation is possible with a simple click of a button, and voila, you have a professional-looking intro for your video content. 


One of the most amazing features of Biteable is its massive collection of over  800,000+ stock video clips, as well as absolutely stunning animations! The pre-loaded templates empower you to create high-quality video content while playing around with its massive stock collection. 

You can also add your own original images and video footage and mix it with stock content. You can additionally build your own intro to complement your video. 


This video maker also has a wide variety of tools to help you with all your video needs. You can create videos for all purposes, from your social media and website to blogs, broadcasts, podcasts, and more. It also has unique tools such as an invitation maker for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions. 

The best part is that you don’t need to install any software to access VideoCreek, and can use this maker for all your video making needs, including designing kickass intros. 


This is a great platform to help businesses create intros with the right kind of branding for their social media, and other properties, from website to newsletters. Using your brand’s logo, you can create a customized intro for use in your videos. 

You don’t need any editing skills, and with the available templates and tools, you can create some great consumable videos for social media in minutes. 


This globally loved platform comes with several features. You can design posters, social media creatives, videos, and gifs from scratch, using their massive collection of templates. It has a great DIY feel and is used by both professionals and amateurs looking to bring joy to their social media feeds. YouTubers also use Canva to create dramatic, engaging intros for their video content. 

To use Canva, you do not need any prior editing experience. Just have fun and experiment. The platform is accessible across all browsers and platforms.   

Intro Cave 

If your vlog falls into specific categories such as beauty, music, business, or technology, Intro Cave is a great website that helps you create customized intros. It has a vast range of templates you can choose from, and you can also add your logo and animations to create more impact. Additionally, you can create professional-looking outros, which encourage viewers to take actions that benefit your vlog or business. 

The best part is that you can make your video content in a jiffy, with a professional finish. 

Keep Experimenting!

As you create more and more intros right here, you will develop your own style. You will also be able to quickly adapt intros to the flavor of your brand, as well as the vibe of your YouTube vlog. The key is to keep experimenting and paying special attention to intros, which play a major role in the success of your video content. 


Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma is the Co-founder of Attrock, a Digital Marketing Company. He has worked with a number of influencers to monetize their influence and eCommerce sites and SaaS Companies to increase their revenue. He is Google Analytics and Adwords Certified and regularly contributes to reputable publications such as Huffington Post and more. While he is not working you may find him exploring various attractions across the globe.