10 Major Heavy Commercial Transit Companies In Kenya

The transport sector is paramount in Kenya as it literally serves almost everybody. The transport sector tends to get a bit rapid in developed and developing areas, as there is a lot coming in and going out. Reverting to transit companies in Kenya, we all know how transit is important in Kenya, from petroleum, sand, spare parts and even consumable good transportation in containers and for long distances.

Such companies have built a vast empire in transportation since with day to day progress, other companies may need to transport material to and fro from either the coast to Nairobi or Busia and fro.

These companies are;

1. Siginon Transport Ltd
Probably the best transit company in Kenya at the moment. Some of their services are Cargo and Warehousing, Transport Logistics where their clients can hire their trucks for services in different areas in the country. They normally transport almost all types of cargo according to the clients’ demand.
Contact: +254 733 620699
+254 729 403694
+254 722 205003
Email: corporate@siginon.com

2.Freight Forwarders  Ltd
They handle heavy goods transportation over long distances especially from Mombasa to Nairobi. They handle heavy haulage, heavy lifts and general cargo handling.
Contact: +254 41 2227573
+254 41 2227575
Email: info@ffkgrp.com

3.Seacon Kenya Ltd
Seacon Kenya Ltd is a transit/transport company that offers freight forwarding, transport,   Customs Clearing and forwarding, transporting of    Petroleum products handling, Bulk and Project Cargo handling, Motor and all sorts of cargo.
Contact: +254 722 965852
Email: operations@seacon.co.ke

4.Milan Freight Services (K) Ltd
They provide Transport, Shipping & Port agent business activities services.
Contact: +254412319788
Email: info@milanfreight.co.ke

5.Truckers Kenya
Truckers Kenya offer both long and short distance transport services.They provide road transport services for general cargo, both bagged and unbagged like building materials such as ballast, sand, quarry stones, machine cut stones, hardcore, murram, red soil.
Contact: +254 719 455 094
+254 716 827 676
E-mail: info@truckers.co.ke 

6.Hakika Transport Services Ltd
They transport empty loaded containers from thr port to the warehouses or fro. They have dedicated like 200 heavy commercial vehicles for the job. They transport steel products, grains, clinker and containers.
Contact: +254 203 576081
+254 723 111000
Email: info@hakikatransport.co.ke

7.Panal Freighters Ltd
Panal freights transport all sorts of cargo from the port to either Nairobi or to western Kenya and fro.
Contact: +254202315068
E-mail:  info@panalfreights.co.ke

8.Sasa Logistcs Ltd
Based in Mombasa, Sasa Company majors on Logistics, Transport, Transport agents business activities and general cargo freight.
Contact: 0734400883
Email: info@sasalogistics.co.ke

9.Cipro Logistics
This transport company has branches worldwide with one in Mombasa, Kenya. They provide services like International Freight Forwarding, Customs clearance, Logistics Management, Inland container depot management and warehousing.
Contact: +254-791-480434
E-mail: info@freightciprogroup.co.uk

10.DHL  Inter
Dhl is famous for its courier services but they also do air and ocean freight, contract logistics, general cargo handling and warehousing.

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