Best TVET Courses To Study In Kenya

This is a list of the best TVET courses to study in Kenya. The Kenyan TVET sector comprises of National Polytechnics, Technical Training Institutes, Vocational Training Centres, Technical Trainer colleges and any other category specified by the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

TVETs in Kenya are regulated by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA). TVETA is a public corporate agency established under the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Act No. 29 of 2013.

Here is a list of the best TVET courses to study in Kenya.

1. Diploma or Certificate in Social Work & Community Development

This is one of the best and marketable courses to study in TVETs. The course equips one with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively take part in the implementation of national social and community development policies and solve social problems that may exist in a society.

2. Diploma in Information Technology

It is a good course that is offered on almost every TVET. It is a marketable course that will guarantee you a job opportunity after completion of your studies. The course equips one with an extensive range of technical skills necessary to venture into the diverse field of IT.

3. Certificate in Electrical Engineering

A certificate in electrical engineering is a good start for one who wishes to venture into the lucrative electrical and electronics field. The course will land you several opportunities in the private and public sectors or self-employment.

4. Diploma in Catering and Accommodation

The course is very marketable and equips one with top-notch skills to work in any field within the hospitality industry. One can work as a waiter, chef, front office personnel or housekeeper.

5. Artisan in Building Technology

It is a technical course that equips you with the necessary skills to work in the construction industry which is currently one of the most lucrative sectors in the country. With the course, you can work in any area of the building and construction industry.

6. Grade 111 in Electrical Wiring

This course will guarantee you a steady flow of electrical wiring and installation jobs, whether employed or self-employed.

7. Grade 111 Hairdressing

Hairdressing is currently one of the most marketable courses to study in any TVET. The demand for hairdressers is high especially in high-end estates where there is an influx of posh salons and beauty parlours.

8. Trade Test in Motor Vehicle Mechanics

The course qualifies one to be a competent motor vehicle mechanic who can repair any type of motor vehicle. You can opt to venture into self-employment by opening your own garage or choosing to be employed somewhere. You will never miss a job opportunity by studying this course.

9. Certificate in Welding & Fabrication

It is a good technical course that is taught in most TVETs in the country. The course equips one with the necessary welding skills to successfully operate a workshop or work in any field where such expertise may be needed.

10. Diploma/ Certificate in Pastry and Bakery

This is quite a marketable course that equips one with the skills and knowledge required to excel in the hospitality industry, particularly as a pastry chef or baker.

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