List Of The Best Viners In Kenya

Many Kenyans don’t really get or understand what vines are, they simply don’t have a vivid understanding. Vines simply means a small video of 10 seconds to4 minutes with some humorous content. The most popular vines in Kenya consist of people trying to be funny, like making fun of a certain people, making fun out of daily situations in life and what happened back then or replicating another vine in a funnier way…more of parody vines.
Being a viner pays as some famous Kenyan viners have landed corporate deals with many organizations countrywide.

Below are some of the top viners in Kenya.

1.Seth Gor
You may have one or two of his vines in your gallery. This hilarious Viner is one of the best in this game because of his creativity and consistency. He has landed major deals because of his vines.

2. Njugush
If you are on Facebook and follow Njugush, then there is no way you can miss his hilarious vines with a heavy Kikuyu accent. He pulls out day to day happenings in his vines perfectly and has landed major deals

3. Henry Desagu
You may remember that guy who described how a fight started and progressed perfectly in Githurai, then he later decided to major in doing vines like the “umbwedede” onesG
He has been consistent and Kenyans have loved and appreciated his work.

4. George Kimani
Many people may have watched his vines but don’t actually even know his name. His short vines can make you roll with laughter as he perfectly pulls out The how you should(…) instances and many other day to day happenings.

5. Dj Shiti
This is my all time favourite Viner. His perfect skit on The Real Househelps Of Kawangware percolates down to his vines.
His vines, many on circulation on whatsapp are about things that mainly happen on the social media/ media arena. Others are edited vines to depict him interviewing celebrities and influential personalities in Kenya, something he does perfectly and super hilariously.

6. Jasper Murume
The hilarious Jasper does vines either alone or with his colleagues from Churchill Show like Mamitto and Shitiani.

7. Ghetto Viners
This group makes vines that are easily relatable to the common person, they are hilarious and mostly original. They have managed to remain a favourite to many despite the many upcoming and creative viners.

8. BrayoSammy

This is an upcoming Viner who has risen into the limelight by incorporating his grandmother ”Cucu”  to the videos he makes. The online comedian has already caught the attention of various media houses in Kenya and corporates which have granted him adverts and interviews. Check out some of his work below.

  Honourable mentions
  • Eric Omondi
  • Mamitto
John Nyabuto

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