Best WordPress Themes For Kenyan Bloggers

If you are from Kenya and are looking for the best WordPress themes for Kenyan Bloggers, then this is just the post for you.

The most popular WordPress themes for bloggers around the world are GeneratePress, Astra WP, Ocean WP, Kadence, Blocksy, Hello Elementor, etc.

But since we are focussing on Kenyan Bloggers in this post. It is right I show you those WordPress themes that are used, valued, and loved within Kenya.

Talking about that, we will start by analyzing the top 5 Kenyan WordPress Themes. This is followed by, why each of these themes is so popular amongst Kenyan Bloggers.

Creating a new blog can be so frightening, I get that.

But, don’t worry, I can break the entire process down into steps;

  • Decide on a domain name
  • Get a good hosting plan
  • Write blog posts (content)

This may seem worrying at the beginning. Eventually, you will be performing keyword research for long-tail keywords and writing blog posts based on those keywords.

So, now that we understand the steps, it is time we also get a hang of the phases connected to start and maintain a blog site.

  • First, develop the website
  • Second, write blog posts on your WordPress site

I would like you to focus on the second part.


Here’s the answer;

The thing about WordPress is that WordPress is so easy you can give your site a professional look in an instant.


By applying a theme, and using all its plug-and-play features. This makes creating a website an easy job. So that, you can actually focus on what is actually required – the content.

WordPress Themes Statistics In Kenya

Before we start analyzing, let us understand how many people in Kenya are interested in WordPress themes for Blogging.

For that, I ran a quick Google Trends comparison.

This 12-month graph easily shows you that the interest of blogging on WordPress themes is more or less going up and down. Moreover, there is a gradual increase as the graph is approaching the end of the year.

WordPress is a mega technology CMS used all over the world. We are going to analyze the top 5 WordPress themes used by Kenyan Bloggers.

Top WordPress Themes Used In Kenya

WordPress Theme Websites Percentage of Usage
Astra 2363 13.15
Ocean WP 861 4.79
Twenty Twenty One 819 4.56
Divi 732 4.07
Hello Elementor 480 2.67
This data is taken from builtwith website.

Looking at the data set, we can say Astra WP is the winner in Kenya.

I know that I’ve mentioned GeneratePress in the beginning. But, all of these shown above are themes like GeneratePress.

Now, I want you to understand that there are many more themes used, but these are the top 5 WordPress themes used in Kenya.

5 Best WordPress Themes For Kenyan Bloggers

Let us begin analyzing why these themes fall in the top 5 categories.

Astra WP

Astra is one of the most popular and best WordPress themes with 1million plus active installations.

It follows a freemium model. Meaning, you can download Astra from the WordPress repository for free. But, if you want to use Astra Pro (premium version), you will have to pay for it.

The best advantage that Astra has over every other theme is that they’ve got around 100+ free starter templates and a very nice blog layout.

Making this the first choice for bloggers in Kenya.

Features of Astra WP

  • It is lightweight
  • Mobile Responsive and SEO-friendly
  • Advanced Header Builder
  • Mega Menus
  • Advanced Typography
  • Better Colors
  • Amazing Layouts
  • Multiple Site Templates

Get the free version of Astra here. The premium version starts at $49

Ocean WP

Ocean WP is another popular WordPress theme used in Kenya.

Looking at the table above, I agree there is a vast difference in the percentage of usage between Astra WP and Ocean WP. But, Ocean WP is a fast-growing theme with 700,000+ active installations.

The best part about Ocean WP is that they’ve got blog-style site templates for a photography blog, food blog, music blog, and much more.

Features of Ocean WP

  • Multi-Purpose Theme
  • Completely Responsive
  • Best WooCommerce Features
  • Works with all popular page builders
  • Ocean WP Pro comes with 210 Site Templates (Demo Sites)

Ocean WP is completely free. The Premium plan offers much more features, starting at $43 per year.

Twenty Twenty One

Twenty Twenty-One is one of the default WordPress themes that came along WordPress version 5.6

Being a default WordPress theme, it is most likely to have a huge 1 million-plus active installation record, as per the official WordPress website.

It’s a black canvas minimalistic theme, where you mostly need to rely on the default Block Editor (Gutenberg) for page building activities.

Twenty Twenty-One WordPress theme comes with a Primary Navigation, Footer Navigation, Single Column Layout, and Footer Sidebar. It’s minimalistic approach and built-in System

Font-Stack benefits UX and performance.

Features of Twenty Twenty-One

  • Performance is great
  • Default Pastel Colors give it a good feminine touch
  • Comes with Dark Mode Support
  • Multiple Gutenberg Block Patterns to choose from
  • Supports full site editing

Twenty Twenty-One is a default WordPress theme and is completely free for use. It is an open-source project.


Divi is not only a popular WordPress theme but also a premium and highly visually appealing theme.

Unlike other WordPress themes, Divi does not follow a freemium model. Meaning, the theme is available via purchase only. There is no trial or demo theme available with it.

Built by Elegant Themes, Divi has a customer base of 800,000 plus and is growing in the WordPress eco-space. Moreover, it also has around 20,000 five star reviews on TrustPilot.

The way Elegant Themes market their products is a little different from other WordPress theme developing companies. They offer the Divi – All in One Suite. This All in One Divi Package includes;

  1. Divi Theme
  2. Divi Page Builder
  3. Extra Theme (magazine-style blogging)
  4. Bloom Plugin for Email Marketing
  5. Monarch Plugin for Social Shares & Following

It is by far the best infrastructure for non-technical website builders. Come on, this kind of design is only possible when you have a rock-solid theme with its own page builder. With Divi, you can use the drag-and-drop builder and visually edit every single piece of your website.

Plus, the Wireframe Mode allows you to quickly create raw templates that later allow you to drag and drop the pieces of each and every web page very precisely.

Divi allows you to easily create Header, Footer, Primary Navigation, Beautiful Mega Menus, Blog Pages, Category Pages, 404 Pages, and Product Pages. In fact, Divi comes with fully dedicated 16 WooCommerce Modules.

The best feature about Divi is their Global Website Editor. Make a change once, and it is reflected throughout your website.

Features of Divi Theme

  • Comes with a Drag-and-Drop Page Builder, no need to download a 3rd party page builder plugin.
  • Offers real-time visual editing
  • Responsive editing
  • Global Website Editor helps with complete design control on entire website
  • Creating beautiful templates is so much fun via Wireframe Mode
  • Allows you to create multiple reusable sections
  • Offers 251 Layouts (Site Templates) with 1843 total layout sections to choose from
  • Comes with in-built Lead Generation and Split Testing Tools
  • Save & Manage multiple custom designs
  • Loaded with 16 WooCommerce Modules
  • Undo and Redo anywhere from your editing history
  • One license for all the tools on unlimited websites

Divi (the entire suite), for one year license, costs $89 and lifetime is priced at $249.

Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor theme is a very lightweight WordPress theme. With a total size of 6 KB and a requirement of 2 server requests, Hello from Elementor loads in under 1/4th of a second.

Created by the world’s most popular Page Builder company, Elementor, Hello was introduced mainly for website owners who needed a minimalistic look and great performance, with Elementor’s page building capabilities.

The Hello Theme is completely free and is available to download from the WordPress repository. Until now there have been more than 1 million downloads.

Features of Hello Theme

  • Hello theme is blazingly fast since it is stripped off from a lot of bloatware
  • It is lightweight, fully responsive and is SEO-friendly
  • Hello theme and Elementor page builder makes the best theme-page builder pair
  • If you face any issues, there is a large community of Elementor users to help you out
  • Hello is completely free for use
  • Supports WooCommerce integration and other 3rd party plugins

FAQs – Best WordPress Themes For Kenyan Bloggers

Question 1 

Which theme is best for WordPress blog?

Themes that are mostly used for blogging in WordPress are Astra, GeneratePress, Hello Elementor, Ocean WP, Neve, Kadence and Blocksy.

Question 2

Which is better Ocean WP or Astra?

Both are very good and popular WordPress themes. Ocean WP has more customization options than Astra, and Astra has more starter templates compared to Ocean WP. So, there are always a few things missing in every single theme.

Question 3

Is Ocean WP free and good?

Ocean WP follows a freemium model. Meaning, there is a free and premium version. Ocean WP is a good and popular WordPress theme. It is a lightweight, mobile responsive and multi-purpose WordPress theme. Ocean WP comes with lots of customization options even with its free version. You should take a look at it.

Question 4

How do you use Twenty Twenty One Theme?

Twenty Twenty-One is a default WordPress theme that was released with WordPress version 5.6. Just install WordPress and activate the Twenty Twenty One theme to use it. Later you can customize the theme with Gutenberg blocks and other CSS codes.

Question 5

Is Divi worth buying?

The Divi theme comes with the Divi Page Builder, Extra theme, Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin, and Monarch Social Shares plugin for a yearly license costing $89. Of course, it is worth buying an all-in-one website creating suite. One license can be used on unlimited websites. Plus, it is by far the most advanced page builder.

Question 6

Is Hello Elementor free to use?

Yes, the Hello theme from Elementor is completely free to use. It was specifically created to have lesser options so that would drastically increase the website’s performance. Having lesser options would mean you’d need to rely on coding or a page builder like Elementor. Paring both, Hello and Elementor is the wisest idea.


I hope that you’ve enjoyed this article and gained meaningful insights as to why these are the top 5 WordPress Themes for Kenyan Bloggers.

Instead of searching multiple WordPress themes, you already have an answer and can easily look into any of these themes to create your beautiful blog website.

Of course, there are many other WordPress themes used in Kenya for blogging purposes. But, these are the best and are mostly used.

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