Black Soldier Fly Farming In Kenya

This article focuses on black soldier fly farming in Kenya. It is an emerging farming venture in Kenya. Most farmers are venturing into the trade as an alternative source of protein for animal feed production.

With the tough economic conditions, insects including black soldier flies are playing a key role in the production of sustainably produced feeds for animals.

Black soldier fly feeds are best fed to indigenous chicken and other animals such as fish and pigs.

Black Soldier Fly Farming Process 

The insects can be sourced from leading organisations such as ICIPE and Black Soldier Fly Kenya, a leading black soldier fly larvae and egg producer in Africa.

The whole process starts with the female black soldier flies laying eggs. Eggs are hatched after four days, after which the young black soldier flies start feeding on wastes such as decomposing vegetables and fruits.

After about 7 days (after hatching), the next stage is the larvae stage. The black soldier fly larvae takes 10-14 days to fully grow. At this point (adult stage), they are fully mature and can be fed to animals. They can be fed to animals while alive or after drying.

Black Soldier Fly Nutritional Benefits

  • Black soldier flies have a high protein content. BSF larvae contains about 35-45% protein. Its dry weight contains about 50% crude protein and up to 35% lipid.
  • When fed with organic wastes, the flies produce insect manure that is rich in nitrogen.
  • Black soldier flies have a relatively high amino acid profile.

Black Soldier Fly Market in Kenya

Black soldier fly farming is still a new venture that has not yet been embraced by many farmers. There is no definite market for black soldier flies.

Very few companies such as Black Soldier Fly Kenya engage in the business of selling and producing black soldier flies.

The price per kg for the flies ranges between Kshs 100-150, that is for dried black soldier flies.

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