Say GoodBye to Unemployment today with this newest Kenyan JOB Platfrom

We are proud to introduce you to the newest  gamechanger platform that has been developed to bridge this gap between you and specialists. The Callme2work App is where you will join thousands of Kenyans that have chosen to use technology to make our daily lives better. So here is how Callme2work simplifies your daily chores :

Specialists are fully vetted and approved professionals who have taken time to build their skills around a particular task. You can use this platform where you will join thousands of Kenyans that have chosen to use technology to make our daily lives better. So here is how Callme2work simplifies your daily chores :

With this platform, you will be able to connect with this specialists to help you with daily chores back at home, office and maybe whenever you are stuck in traffic. With over 1000+ specialists already listed on the platform (and growing daily), with no doubt Callme2work is your one stop shop for every need you have – from Mama wa Kufua, Plumbers, entertainers, electricians, carpenters, mechanics, TV Wall mounting specialists, masons, brick layers, roofers, tilers, gutter and water harvesting professionals, biodigester professionals, interiors decorators and designers to home support functions like cooking, birthday management (including an accapella birthday band) to transport services (cars, pick up’s, trucks etc.)

Farmers and agribusiness people are also not left behind at Callme2work. For our hard working farmers, the app connects buyers and suppliers instantly eliminating middlemen and brokers for the mutual benefit of both the farmer and the consumers. Another good thing about Callme2Work helps in creating employment through the signing up of specialists daily on the platform, so if you are talented in a certain field please don’t keep your skills at home.  If you also need a specialist from any field, Callme2Work got your back!

CallMe2Work operates like an Emergency centre with a standby team manning the platform 24/7. The platform is Live so all Jobs requested are followed through end to end,

Here is how to download Callme2Work from Playstore :

To access this service, download the application as below, register for free in a few minutes and you will be
ready to go!

Android Platform:


 1. How to Install Callme2work on an Anroid Device
  • On the Play Store  ( ) – Type Callme2work and follow the screens as below.
  • Proceed and complete installation and then click NEXT to follow the prompts until you reach
    the the signup screen. Input your contact details and use the One Time Password that is
    sent to your phone to finish the registration.

How to Request a specialist on Callme2Work

  • Go the HOME Screen and select Get a Specialist as above.
  • Proceed and provide the time required for the specialist, select the specialist area including
    the sub category as per below screens.
  • You now need to select the specific area where the specialist is needed to work as per below

Once done, verify that the information provided is correct and then proceed and submit the
request as per below;

  • The system will notify all the nearby and available specialists based on a Callme2work
  • Once the specialists accepts the job, you will be provided with contact details for further
    discussions and agreement on pricing and the nature of the job
  • Once you agree on a price, you will be notified so that you approve the job on the phone
    and once done, the system will provide authority to work to the specialists
  •  Before you approve the job, the system will expect that you have loaded your Callme2work
    wallet with an amount equal to the cost of the job and the platform commission where

You can fund your wallet from your MPESA, AIRTEL money or via Debit Card or PayPal

Once the job is completed, the specialist will mark the same the same as completed and you will be
notified so that if there is any issue, the specialist can be advised.


  • Go to the jobs tab and check the status of all your job requests.

2. How to use Use Via Telegram



  • Follow the BOT prompts for registration, top up of wallet and for requisition for specialist as
    per the below screenshots below

Google Playstore download Link :

Telegram Link :