Career of Samir “The Little Prince” Nasri

Everyone knows that most African countries were once colonies of France, so this country has an extremely large Arab and black population. However, this fact played a positive role for the development of football. Profitable 1xbet sport betting is available for League 1 too. So you should consider this option for betting. However, returning to the question of the influence of African footballers on the development of French football, it is worth remembering Samir Nasri. At the age of 17, in 2004, Samir signed a real contract with Marseille, the colors of which he would defend for the next four seasons. Despite the fact that the specified team was considered one of the grand clubs of French football, the midfielder wanted to get to England.

He moved to London in 2008, where he played for Arsenal for three years. It was there that he became a prominent figure in European football. If anyone wanted to engage in profitable sport betting at that time, then 1xBet was the best option. The bookmaker gave the highest odds for the England Championship matches.

He managed to become a key player with the Gunners, but after a few seasons, he received an offer from Manchester City, where did you go in 2011. At that time, Citizens were just forming as a superclub with great financial capabilities, therefore, the team needed such famous players as the French for their further development. Best 1xBet app for your smartphone allows you to analyze statistics, which are reflected in a separate section. This makes it possible to trace the path of “Manchester City” from an average team to the top of the English championship. Samir played 149 matches for Manchester City and scored 25 goals. However, since 2016, Nasri’s career has been on the decline. He went to Sevilla on loan, where he never became the main player. Later, he tried his hand at Antalyaspor, West Ham and Anderlecht, but his game was far from perfect. As a result, he made the decision to end his career in 2020. As noted above, there is the best and the most quality 1xBet app for your smartphone, which contains a line for the matches of all teams where Nasri played.

Achievements of Nasri during his professional career

It is worth noting that Samir Nasri’s career was somewhat crumpled by disqualification due to the use of doping. The player tested positive, but as it turned out, he took only vitamins, without consulting a doctor. But despite this, he became a part of the history of French football. At, you can place bets on other players from this country who are on a par with the midfielder. As for his achievements, then it is worth highlighting:

  • two victories in the Premier League for Manchester City in 2012 and 2014;
  • he was a member of the symbolic team of the Championship of England;
  • he won the England Supercup with the Citizens in 2012.

In general, the player’s potential and ambitions were much greater. Despite this, he became one of the most effective footballers in France at the beginning of the 21st century. After all, almost every club for which he played was a favorite for the championship title according to 1xBet. And that means a lot.