Confusion as A Fresh Candidate Unveils His Manifesto 2 days to Election

Kenyans living in Nairobi have been seeing several yellow posters along major streets for the past one week. The Yellow posters which are labelled ” Chagua Nuru” have left many with questions considering the current political situation in the country. Should we brace ourselves for a new political wave? We have been doing a research to find out the people behind these posters and luckily we have some important information for you.

Being a team that spends most of the time on the internet, yesterday in our normal juggles we decided to run a google search of ” Chagua Nuru” and surprisingly we came across a website ( ) full of Chagua Nuru Manifesto which pressed a lot of  questions to us. Funny enough the content of the manifesto looks like of a politician with a lot of promises. But why would someone have a manifesto two days to an election? Why is he/she not vocal like the rest of the candidates ?  Here is a screenshot of we got from the website.

Check out and let us have your say.

Victor Matara

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