List Of Cheapest Places to Rent in Nairobi if you Earn Below 15,000

If you earn a salary of less than 15,000 and live in Nairobi, budgeting cleverly on how you will spend that money is not an option.

With this salary, you can’t afford to live in high-end estates such as Karen, Runda or even Kileleshwa. You have to live within your means, which means that the most expensive house you can go for should not exceed Ksh 5,000. This is not even a healthy option for you because that is like 33% of your earnings.

Below are some of the cheapest places to rent in Nairobi if you earn a salary, not more than Ksh15,000.

1. Kinoo/Uthiru
Kinoo and Uthiru are a bit serene because they are not so near to the Central Business District. In fact, basic things like food are cheap and so is accommodation.
Houses go for as cheap as Ksh 1,500 for mabati houses. Other cheaper and permanent structures rent at Ksh3500-6000 for bedsitters. One major setback in these places is insecurity.

2. Rongai
Houses in Rongai are cheap and spacious. It is also a bit far from the CBD, hence serenity. Rongai has amenities for both the average and the rich hence everybody’s need is catered for and security is not a big problem here.
Houses range between Ksh 2500 and 8000, a favorable figure for people with a 15,000 salary. The main disadvantage of staying in Rongai is the crippling traffic jam.

3. Komarock
Komarock is also an ideal place to rent for people earning a maximum of 15,000. Komarock has sprawling rentals in the range of Ksh 1,800-2,500. It is not too far from the CBD hence a bit convenient.

4. Kayole
Save for the frequent insecurity problems, Kayole is a cheap place to reside in Nairobi. You can rent a house for as low as Ksh 2,000 or even lower depending on the landlord.

5. Kariobangi
Kariobangi is not a bad option when it comes to general living costs, rent included. You can stay here in a house whose rent is around Ksh1,800-3,000.

6. Kibera
Kibera has its fair share of problems just like any other place within a Capital City like cleanliness and insecurity. However, if you need a cheap house to stay, then Kibera may be one of the many options.

7. Umoja
Umoja is not far from the CBD. It provides housing for the rich to the average. There are 3-4 bedroom houses, 2 bedrooms, 1 bedroom, bedsitter and even the servant quarters where you can get a good house for a cheap price of Ksh 3,000.

8. Huruma
Huruma houses many people working in and around Industrial Area and since most of the inhabitants are not so well off, the renting prices are tailored to fit them. If you earn a salary not more than Ksh 15,000, you can go and stay there.

9. Githurai
Githurai, outspoken as it is for many of its vices, it is still one of the cheapest places to reside in Nairobi. Rent here is as low as Ksh1,500.

10. Kawangware
Another cheap place to live in Nairobi. Kawangware’s living cost is relatively cheap. The cheapest houses here go for around Ksh 2,000-3,000 but varies depending on the landlord.

Other cheap places to rent in Nairobi are ;

  • Mathare
  • Kahawa West
  • Zimmerman
  • Dandora
  • Kangemi

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